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Mahindra 3540 4×4 Diesel Powered Tractor.

Available in PST Power Shuttle & HST Hydrostatic Transmissions.
The Mahindra 3550 is mid sized tractor with a solid steel built with great performance with stronger lift capacities. In addition the 3550 uses Mahindra’s MCRd engine technology that meets Tier 4 emissions standards without using diesel exhaust fluid or diesel particulate filters. These diesel powered four wheel drive tractors are perfect for around the house, ranch, garden and horse arena as well as agricultural and construction uses. All 3550 tractors can have a front loader or backhoe added as well as all of the common 3 point hitch implements like high weed mowers, flail mowers, tillers, box scrapers, post hole augers and more.

Key Features:

  • 7 Year Powertrain Warranty
  • Revolutionary Tier IV mCRD technology
  • Powerful, reliable 49.5 hp 4-cylinder engine
  • Flat deck platform
  • Modern dash and switches
  • Redesigned front grill
  • Hood lifts high, panels come off, no tools required
  • Tilt Wheel Great visibility
  • Rounded fenders
  • Shifters at operators sides, not on the floor


  • Engine HP 49.5
  • Engine Cylinders 4
  • Engine Displacement 166.7 cu in
  • Rated Engine Speed at Rated HP 2800RPMs
  • PTO HP 40 (PST) 39.5 (HST)
  • Power Steering
  • 3 Point Lift Capacity 3,090lb
  • Loader Lift Capacity 2,700lbs
  • Loader Lift Height 111.5″
  • Weights Tractor 5389lbs Loader 1450lbs Backhoe 1843lbs
  • Tractor Width w/ Industrial Tires 73.7″
  • Tractor Length 128.9″
  • Tractor Height 98.7″
  • Turning Radius 10.3′

Does mCRD Save You Time & Money?

The short answer is YES!  A DPF left unchecked will collect soot and ash – resulting in damage or destroying the filter, reduced performance, and result in unwanted repair costs and unscheduled downtime.  But, not with mCRD, you get better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance cost in a SIMPLE system without the need for DPF.  That’s the Mahindra Value we provide to get you back into the seat to turn the land you work into the land you love!

California Residents:  Prop 65 WARNING


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California Residents:  Prop 65 WARNING