The Number One, Contractor-Approved Truck Rack

Square tube heavy duty racks by Rack-It are the strongest and most reliable truck racks in the industry. Utilizing a one-piece design that can be fully welded to exact truck specifications, all racks use full-length bed rail angle iron for increased strength, load distribution, and a continuous mounting surface.

Simplistic in design and as lightweight as possible, a truck rack adds little in additional weight yet greatly increases your cargo capacity. All while protecting the integrity of your truck bed and body.

For independent contractors – carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and otherwise. A truck rack will greatly increase the versatility and capability of any pickup, commercial, or service industry truck.

Product Spotlight: The Rack-It Heavy Duty Square Tube Truck Rack

Designed for unmatched strength and stability, our square tube truck rack by Rack-It affords a functional and efficient solution to any pickup’s material handling needs. These truck racks are powder coated in lieu of a painted finish for increased longevity. Constructed from durable square tubing because of its uniformity, strength, and cost-efficiency, these truck racks can withstand the natural elements and whatever cargo you load it with.

Product Highlights:

  • Fully-Welded, One-Piece Design
  • Custom Built Make & Model Specific Racks
  • Powder Coated Finish in Satin Black, Gloss Black, White, Silver Vein & Even Custom Colors
  • Full-Length Mounting Offers Structural Support & Weight Distribution
  • Swing Away Rear Bar for Improved Bed Access & Clearance
  • Square Tubing w/ .120 Thick Wall – the Strongest Material Used in Truck Rack Manufacturing
  • Forklift Accessible for Quick & Easy Cargo Loading/Unloading
  • No Drill Mounting w/ Available Mega Clamp Accessory
  • Welded Rope Hooks for Fast & Simple Tie Downs

Why Contractors Choose the Rack-It Heavy Duty Square Tube Truck Rack

Maximize Cargo Space

For many contractors, cargo space is the name of the game. If you regularly find yourself spending too much time loading and unloading your vehicle on and off the job site, a truck rack can minimize this problem. A truck rack allows you to store tools and materials on different levels in an organized way. No longer will you have to unpack and repack your truck bed just to access a single tool. With a heavy-duty truck rack, you can easily store large bulky items like lumber or ladders securely out of the way while leaving your truck bed open for tools and equipment.

Increase Transportation Safety

Safety is a top priority for any contractor. If materials are not secure during transport, they are at risk of being damaged. Worse yet, you and other drivers are at risk of serious injury if building materials or equipment were to slip out of your vehicle in transit. Secure tools and materials protect you and those around you by minimizing the risk of items falling out or shifting positions in your truck bed.

An organized truck bed can also improve other areas of road safety. Secured materials won’t shift and block a driver’s visibility or overall ability to navigate roadways. Furthermore, a truck rack can decrease the possibility of an item breaking the rear window and entering the cab, causing harm.

Get peace of mind for you and those around you when traveling between job sites.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

You are able to work more efficiently when your materials and tools are easily accessible and you know right where to look. If you were to stop and think about it, you likely lose a lot of time searching for that misplaced tool or carefully unloading unneeded cargo because what you do need is packed underneath.

Instead, a truck rack separates and organizes your truck bed so you can unload oversized building materials, ladders, and tools more quickly to get to work and spend less time getting them back in when the day is done.

With a place for everything and everything in its place, you’ll save time and money.

Protect Your Livelihood

Your tools and equipment are expensive and so is your vehicle. Without a durable and dependable truck rack, everything a contractor requires to earn an income is put at greater risk. Neglected tools don’t function properly, damaged materials amount to expensive replacements, and run-down truck beds put the whole operation in jeopardy.

Every contractor knows that every purchase they make is an investment in their bottom line. Getting the most use out every tool, length of lumber, and especially your pickup truck is crucial for the longevity and life of their operation.

Get the Right Truck Rack for your Pickup at Campway’s

A truck rack is an investment in your vehicle and its ability to serve your needs. More than just a stylish addition, a truck rack offers superior storage and security for your tools, materials, and gear.  

Once you’re ready to learn more about what a Rack-It truck rack could do for your truck, please call or contact online the truck accessory experts at Campway’s. Our wide selection of truck racks and cargo solutions will have you transporting more and do so safely.

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