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RSI SmartCap

Truck Cap Systems

RSI SmartCap is the world's first modular stainless steel truck bed cap system. Its design allows you to customize your truck's camper shell. RSI SmartCaps provide heavy-duty protection in any situation with their automotive-grade, tough-as-nails stainless steel construction.

RSI SmartCap EVOa Adventure

RSI Smart Caps

The SmartCap EVOa Adventure has been built for extreme on-road and off-road use. From its 5...

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RSI SmartCap EVOc Commercial

RSI Smart Caps

Manufactured using automotive-grade, tough-as-nails stainless steel, the SmartCap EVOc is a brilliantly engineered commercial truck ...

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RSI SmartCap EVO Sport

RSI Smart Caps

Forged from stainless steel (not fiberglass)... it could be correctly said it’s built like ...

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