Class 3 Ball Mounts

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Class 3 Ball Mounts

CURT class 3, or standard-duty, ball mounts are a step up from classes 1 and 2. They feature a 2” x 2” shank and have a higher towing capacity for heavier-duty trailers. Depending on the model, class 3 ball mounts are rated to haul anywhere from 5,000 or 7,500 lbs. of gross trailer weight. This gives them the capacity to tow most standard trailers, including utility trailers, boat trailers, campers, smaller livestock trailers and most recreational vehicle trailers. With class 3 trailer hitches being the most common type of trailer hitch for pickup trucks and SUVs, the class 3 ball mount, by association, is an excellent complement to this trailer hitch and these larger vehicles. One of the greatest advantages of the CURT class 3 ball mount line is the range offered in drop and rise. Choose from ball mounts with as little as 2” of drop or as much as 10”. Class 3 ball mounts can also be flipped to provide any rise needed by your trailer. Rise options range from 3/4” to 8”.

Class 3 ball mounts are CNC-formed and robotically welded to ensure unwavering precision and dependable strength in each and every unit. We also mechanically descale each class 3 ball mount to provide a smooth surface for a long-lasting finish. Class 3 ball mounts are available with a gloss black powder coat or with a unique chrome plating.

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