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HaulGauge measures tongue weight, pin weight, payload, and gross combined weight in real-time with an OBD-II connector that communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth with an app on your iPhone or Android device.

Proper setup when towing or hauling requires knowing trailer weight, tongue weight, etc. Obtaining these measurements in the past has been difficult, requiring trips to the scale, a tape measure, pen, paper, and so on. These challenges mean measurements are taken infrequently, if at all. Drivers are left making assumptions about what they tow.

HaulGauge provides tow/haul measurements so there is no more guessing. HaulGauge makes it simple and quick. Since measurements are taken while the customer is doing their normal setup, it can be done every time. Customers will have peace of mind and confidence when they know what they tow.

  • Measures Gross Combined Weight (GCW includes vehicle, cargo, passengers, and trailer)
  • Keep tongue weight within the hitch and vehicle’s rated capacities.
  • Compare tongue weight to trailer weight to verify trailer is properly loaded.  Tongue Weight should be around 10-15% of Gross Trailer Weight (weight of trailer and cargo).
  • See real time how payload is changing.
  • Avoid exceeding vehicle’s payload limits.
  • Peace of Mind. No more guessing. Based on manufacturers vehicle towing recommendations, easily decide if overloaded.
  • Keep pin weight within the hitch and vehicle’s rated capacities.
  • Compare pin weight to trailer weight to verify trailer is properly loaded.  Pin Weight should be roughly 20-25% of Gross Trailer Weight.
  • Know how to adjust cargo postioning for a safe ride.
  • Proper pin weight is key to safe towing and trailer sway avoidance.
  • Knowing weight distribution hitch is correctly set up, gives peace of mind and confidence.
  • Convenient. No longer need to drive to a scale.
  • Saves money and time. HaulGauge will display the weight within seconds of driving.
  • Safety. Knowing the total weight of the trailer is necessary for a safe set up.

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California Residents:  Prop 65 WARNING