Solectrac e25 electric tractor parked in front of a Vineyard in Sonoma County

Introducing the New Solectrac Electric Tractor

Solectrac Electonic Tractors: The Future of Sustainable Farming Technology is Here 

Our Truck Tops USA team in Santa Rosa is proud to be working with Solectrac to bring electronic tractors to the Bay Area! Solectrac is based right here in Northern California, and they are revolutionizing the farming and agricultural industry with their new line of electric tractors. 

If you’re a small farmer or business looking for sustainable, zero-emission agricultural equipment, the versatile e25 Compact Eclectic Tractor is your answer. 

Solectrac e25 Electric Tractors

e25 Electric Tractor Features: 
– 25 HP
– PTO Horsepower
– Four Wheel Drive w/ Differential Lock
– 1300 lbs. Lifting Capacity
– 3000 lbs. Towing Capacity 
– 22 kWh Lithium-Ion Battery
– 72V System
– 3 Range Transmission
– 10 Year Battery Life
– 220V – 120V Charging

This zero-emission electric tractor offers all the same capabilities as a traditional diesel tractor and then some. The e25 electric tractor is versatile, compact, and quiet. It’s the perfect piece of equipment for small farms, sports fields, golf course maintenance, equestrian facilities, local municipalities, and so much more.  

A winery worker maneuvering a Solectrac e25 electric tractor through a Vineyard

Run Time & Charging 

Depending on the load, the e25 has an insanely efficient run time of up to 6 hours and can be easily charged in under 8 hours with either a 220VAC, 30-amp outlet or a 110VAC, 15-amp outlet.

Close up of the Solectrac e25 electric tractor's lithium ion battery

10 Year Battery Life

The 22-kWh lithium-ion battery has an incredible lifespan of up to 10 years or 2,5000 cycles! (Pending operating cycles and depth of discharge.)

A farmer tilling a field with a Solectrac e25 electric tractor

Implement Compatible

The Solectrac e25 tractor also comes with an industry-standard Category 1N 3-point rear hitch, allowing you the versatility to use a wide range of implements from other manufacturers, including hydraulics. 

Learn How Much You Can Save by Going Electric

A screen grab of the SolecSave App calculating the estimated savings of electric tractors vs diesel tractors over time

The SolecSave App is the market’s first total cost of ownership calculator. This free resource provides customers with a clear idea of the total cost of owning an electric tractor vs. a traditional diesel tractor. Whether you’re looking to replace older equipment or upgrade commercial fleets with more sustainable options, the SolecSave App allows you to estimate the cost of owning an electric tractor by: 

  • Comparing Electric vs Diesel Fuel Costs 
  • Calculating Fleet Costs 
  • Comparing Maintenance Costs 
  • Calculating Emissions Reductions 
  • Identifying Potential Carbon Credits 
  • Finding Incentive Programs in Your Area 

Not only can the SolecSave App help you analyze your potential cost savings of switching to zero-admissions agricultural equipment, but this tool can also help you find additional financial assistance through local incentive programs. 

e25 Electric Tractors Now Eligible for California’s CORE Voucher Incentive Program 

The Clean Off-Road Equipment (CORE) Voucher Incentive Program is a California-based project that provides financial assistance to people purchasing zero-emission farming and agricultural equipment. 

Farmers and businesses in California can now receive immediate financial assistance from the CORE program for the purchase of a Solectrac e25 Electric Tractor. Challenging the capabilities of a traditional diesel tractor, the e25 Electric Tractor is the eco-friendly, cost-saving alternative that the agricultural industry has been waiting for. 

Musician Jack Johnson Brings First Electric Tractor to Hawaii 

Musical artist Jack Johnson, immediately put his new e25 tractor to work at the Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation, making Solectrac the first electronic tractor to be used in Hawaii. The Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded by musical artist Jack Johnson, and his wife, Kim Johnson to provide environmental education programs in schools and communities throughout Hawaii.  

Their mission is to preserve and protect the beautiful islands of Hawaii by providing local communities with hands-on learning experiences about sustainable agriculture and farming.

Truck Tops USA is Your Official Bay Area Dealer for Solectrac Electric Tractors 

Our Truck Tops USA location in Santa Rosa is proud to be the official Bay Area dealer for Solectrac Electric Tractors! As the demand for more zero-emission farming and agricultural equipment grows, we plan on growing right along with it and the e25 electric tractor is just the beginning. Additional electric tractor models are already slotted for production and will be available in the near future! 

In the meantime, we are proud to say that the e25 Electric Tractor is available now at Truck Tops USA in Santa Rosa! Stop by to speak with our expert team and check out this amazing zero-emission electric tractor for yourself! 

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