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Maximize Your Off Road Performance with RIGID Off Road Lights

Take Every Adventure to The Next Level with RIGID Industries Off Road Lights

Let’s face it, the stock lights in any off-road vehicle aren’t going to be as powerful as you need them to be. No matter what type of rig you take out there, your basic light setup can only do so much and is not designed to withstand long-term exposure to rigorous, high-impact environments. 

Increasing your visibility with aftermarket off-road lighting is probably one of the smartest investments you can make and can even increase the value of your vehicle. Upgrading your lighting system also significantly increases your safety and ability to navigate harsh surroundings, so you can confidently go farther and stay longer.

Thanks to advances in LED technology, the off-road light industry has exploded in the last few years. You can find aftermarket lights for sale everywhere these days, but like any cutting-edge tech, not all off-road lighting equipment is worth the price tag. 

For over 50 years the Campway’s team has been working with industry-leading companies to outfit vehicles with top-performing equipment and accessories. If you’re looking for the best off-road lights for your truck, Jeep, SUV, or any other overland vehicle, RIGID Industries is your answer. 

RIGID Industries Off Road LED Lights

RIGID Industries is known for producing some of the highest quality off-road lighting equipment on the market. All of their products are designed and engineered in the U.S.A. and since hitting the market in 2004, RIGID products have received countless awards for their quality, innovation, and consumer appeal. 


With cutting-edge engineering and rigorous testing, every RIGID light is designed to perform in high-impact scenarios, like off-road environments. They are housed in durable aluminum frames with a custom-molded rubber seal, and an unbreakable, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens.

RIGID goes above and beyond the industry’s standard quality testing. Every light they manufacture is subjected to pressurized stress tests, output, color, and pattern testing, and more. 

When they say RIGID off-road lights can stand up to anything, they mean it. If they detect anything that could compromise the function, durability, or performance of the light, it won’t be sold. And when they find a flaw or weakness in a product, they always fix it.


Through innovative engineering, RIGID Industries has improved the performance of their lights, while also extending their lifespan. With their state-of-the-art patented technology and premium LED bulbs, RIGID maximizes light brightness while averaging a lifespan of over 50,000-hours. 

Every light features advanced optic technology using a combination of lenses and reflectors to optimize the focus and projection of the beam and eliminate spill light. The RIGID optics system captures the maximum amount of light emitted from the LED and projects it exactly where you want it.

Consumer Appeal

RIGID products are resistant to dust, moisture, corrosion, and vibrations to ensure top-of-the-line performance no matter how you use them. Should a product fail, RIGID backs all their lights with a lifetime warranty to replace or repair them at no additional cost to you.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, or the type of lighting equipment you need, RIGID has a set up for you. They manufacture lighting products that meet the demands of everyday recreational use as well as the needs of many commercial industries. RIGID equipment is trusted by professionals including first responders, fire rescue, police, marines, Powersports, construction, agriculture, and more.

Believe us, the Campway’s technicians have put them to the test, and without a doubt, RIGID lights are definitely worth it! But which lighting system is right for your needs? Read on to find out!

Best Off Road Lighting Systems from RIGID Industries

Like any aftermarket modification, your vehicle and how you use it are a big part of choosing the right off-road light system for your needs. The Campway’s specialists are here to show you the best of the best with our list of all-time favorite RIGID lights:

Best Off-Road Lights Overall: E-Series LED Light Bars

RIGID E-Series LED  Light Bar

The E-Series LED Light Bar is by far one of the most versatile, and best all-around lighting systems from RIGID Industries. As their flagship product, the E-Series is known as the Original LED Light Bar and has set the industry standard for all others on the market. 

E-Series LED light bars are designed to project light at extreme distances while utilizing as little power as possible and generating very little heat. They are available in a wide range of lengths and configurations and feature a variety of beam options, including spot, flood, diffused, and a spot/flood combination. 

These LED lightbars were born for off-road use, but their versatility makes them well suited for any industry and application.

Best Low-Profile Lights: Dually D2 Series Light Pods

RIGID Dually D2 Series Light Pods

The RIGID LED Dually D2 Series Light Pods are the definition of small, but mighty. The compact design allows these LED light pods to be installed almost anywhere and used for just about anything. 

The Dually D2 light is only 3” x 3” but contains 6 powerful LEDs that produce around 1,300 lumens of light. You won’t find a more efficient, low-profile light source anywhere else. You can easily mount these light pods on a motorcycle, below the grilles of your truck or SUV, or even on the exterior of a trailer. 

Best Lights for Everyday Use: SR-M Series Backup Lights

RIGID SR-M Series Backup Lights

While most stock backup lights offer low performance, the SR-M LED Light Series from RIGID Industries allows you to clearly see everything behind you while in reverse. These LED backup lights emit 784 raw lumens and a powerful 60-degree flood beam pattern for unmatched visibility. 

They are available in a standard housing lamp design as well as a discreet flush-mount style. No matter how you use your vehicle, or where you take it, upgrading your backup lights will help ensure the safety of you, your vehicle, and everyone else on the road.

Outfit Your Vehicle With RIGID Off Road Lights at Campway’s Truck Accessories World

At Campway’s, we are proud to work with the leading experts in aftermarket accessories and equipment and prioritize quality products and customer service above all else. We have no doubt that we can help you find and professionally install the best off-road lights for your vehicle. 

Connect with one of our specialists online to learn more about outfitting your vehicle with RIGID lights or visit one of our five locations throughout the Bay Area today.


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