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4 Rough Country Accessories Every Overland Enthusiast Needs

Outfit Your Overland Vehicle with Quality and Affordable Gear from Rough Country

Nothing beats the feeling of rough terrain beneath your tires or soaking in views that few others have ever seen before. Exploring areas that standard vehicles would never be able to reach requires having a dependable overland vehicle built for the rugged demands of an unpaved landscape. 

This type of remote off-road travel also requires you to be self-reliant and prepared for anything the wilderness throws at you. Your vehicle will need to be locked and loaded with essential gear and equipment to ensure your comfort and safety. 

If you plan on leaving the comforts of paved roads behind you, Rough Country is a company you can count on to always have your back. With a broad range of affordable off-road auto parts and overlanding gear, there is no doubt you’ll find exactly what you need to build out your overland 4×4, truck, or SUV.

Quality Overland Gear at an Affordable Price

As one of the leading manufacturers in the off-roading auto parts industry, Rough Country is dedicated to producing reliable, high-quality products at affordable prices. It’s no secret, their team of designers and engineers demonstrate an unwavering dedication to innovation.

Year after year both their interior and exterior product lines continue to grow to offer items such as affordable suspension lift kits, LED lighting equipment, winches, grab handle, custom storage solutions, and much more.

Rough Country Lifetime Replacement Warranty

The Rough Country crew also understands that a lot can happen out there, but they are so confident in their products that they offer a lifetime replacement warranty

Rough Country 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

They also ensure 100% customer satisfaction with all their products so if you aren’t happy, you can get a refund from Rough Country within 90 days.

4 of Our Favorite Rough Country Overland Accessories

At Campway’s, we are proud to offer a large selection of Rough Country off-road products. From safety equipment to custom storage solutions, here are four of our favorite Rough Country off-road products to add style and maximize the functionality of any overlanding vehicle.

1. Portable Electric Cooler

Rough Country electric cooler for camping

Stocking up on enough food and drinking water is essential for any off-roading trip, so having a durable cooler is an absolute must for any overlanding enthusiast. Rough Country’s 45-quart portable electric cooler is the ultimate accessory for thrill-seekers looking to get off-grid. It is designed to plug directly into your vehicle’s 12V socket, or a portable battery or generator, to keep all your essential perishables fresh for days at a time.

This durable cooler is the perfect travel size and comes with multiple compartments so you can utilize both the refrigerator function and freezer controls at the same time. Other portable electric coolers can run you thousands of dollars, but the Rough Country cooler is a fraction of that with a price tag starting at $400. 

2. Portable Air Compressor Kit

Rough Country's portable 12v air compressor kit for Off Road, Overland, Camping

Whether you plan on airing down your tires to improve traction on rough terrain, or you just want to be prepared for anything, serious off-road aficionados will always bring a portable air compressor. The heavy-duty 12-volt air compressor from Rough Country is the perfect addition to any overlanding kit. 

The compressor is incredibly lightweight and easy to use featuring high-grade jumper clamps that allow you to simply connect it to your vehicle’s battery. It comes packed in a durable protective bag, with an air hose, air nozzle kit, and an easy-to-read pressure gauge.

This portable air compressor is also equipped with an automatic heat protection circuit that cuts the power to prevent damage to your device or vehicle. 

3. Portable Jump Starter & Air Compressor Combo Kit

Rough Country's portable battery jumper and air compressor combo kit for Off Road, Overland, Camping

Rouch Country’s portable jumper and air compressor kit is easy to store in your vehicle, and even easier to use. So not only is it the perfect combo for any off-road adventurer, but it’s also great for any driver on the road. 

The jump battery comes with easy-to-use cables which makes jump starting any vehicle simple and stress-free. The air compressor that comes with the kit plugs directly into the jumper battery and includes multiple nozzles for even more added convenience. This portable device also features 2 USB ports and a DC port so you can charge mobile phones and other portable devices.

The entire kit comes in a small hardshell case, so it can be easily stored in smaller commuter cars for everyday use, and added to your essential overlanding gear checklist.

4. Overland Collapsible Fire Pit

Rough Country's Stainless Steel Collapsible Fire Pit for Off Road, Overland, Camping

If you’re looking to warm up around the fire and grill up some grub while off-grid, look no further than Rough Country’s Overland Collapsible Fire Pit. Compact and easy to assemble are two things anyone can appreciate when you’re packing for a trip to remote areas, and this fire pit delivers on both. 

This portable fire feature is incredibly durable and can withstand extremely high temperatures up to 1100°F. It is made from thick powder-coated steel but is designed to be stored completely flat and features built-in handles for easy carrying. Better yet, you can assemble and pack it back up again without any tool required.

Gear Up and Get Out There with the Best Overland Accessories Available Now at Campways

Make sure your truck, Jeep, SUV, or van is ready for whatever lays ahead with industry-leading overland gear and accessories at Campway’s. We want to help you find the perfect off-road equipment for your next big adventure. 

Learn more about outfitting your overlander with Rough Country products by contacting us online or stop by one of our Campway’s Northern California locations in Santa Rosa, San Jose, Sacramento, or Martinez.


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