Everything You Need to Know About Drive Reach OTR In-Vehicle Cell Signal Booster

Even the most rugged and experienced OTR truckers need to stay connected when they’re out on a job. There are bosses to update, regulations to check, emergencies to tackle, and loved ones who’d probably like to hear from you. Fortunately, there’s one piece of equipment to handle all your long-haul communication needs: the Drive Reach OTR in-vehicle cell signal booster.

At Campway, we’re here to tell you all about this revolutionary new cell-signal-boosting technology and why your fleet needs it on every vehicle.

How Does an In-Vehicle Cell Signal Booster Work?

Cell phones work by sending and receiving signals from the nearest cell tower. If needed, they bounce your call, text, or data from one tower to the next until it reaches its destination.

Your phone only transmits signals so far. If you’re in a remote area, cell phones and other devices might not be powerful enough to reach the nearest cell tower. At best, texts arrive at their recipient much later than normal and any phone call will sound like garbled static, or drop the connection completely. If you’re far enough out, communications won’t go anywhere – and you can forget about streaming or watching videos.

A cell signal booster amplifies signals from cell towers to mobile devices and vice versa. It does this with three main components:

  • The donor antenna. This is the antenna installed on the exterior of your vehicle that sends signals to and from cell towers.
  • The indoor antenna. This part distributes signals from cell towers to your device and then sends those signals back out to the nearest cell tower.
  • The amplifier. The amplifier is the star of the show. This is the box that actually strengthens all incoming and outgoing signals.

The Drive Reach OTR in-vehicle cell signal booster plugs into a vehicle’s 12V outlet and turns on when your vehicle has power. However, keep in mind that for it to boost signals, there has to at least be a little bit of a signal available.

What Are The Benefits of The Drive Reach OTR In-Vehicle Cell Signal Booster?

Now that we have covered the mechanics behind how it works, practically speaking this cell signal booster has many benefits:

  • Reduces dropped calls
  • Increases call quality
  • Improves text communication
  • Makes streaming and Zoom calls possible just about anywhere
  • And more

Whether you need to update fleet managers, talk to loved ones back home, or just want to stream your favorite shows, this device is for you.

Why Choose This Cell Signal Booster

With the basics covered, let’s talk about why we’re so excited about this Drive Reach cell signal booster model in particular.

It’s Built Tough

If you’re on a utility crew that spends a lot of time in the mountains or on far-flung plains with nothing but the horizon insight, you’re going over some harsh terrain. Whether branches, weather, dust, oil, or debris splatter your truck, the Drive Reach OTR in-vehicle cell signal booster is made to stand up to it all.

The exterior antenna is constructed to meet NEMA IP66 standards, meaning it’s well-protected against water, shaking, and fine particles.

It Works With All Carriers

Currently, the Drive Reach OTR in-vehicle cell signal booster works with all US cell phone carriers including:

  • US Cellular
  • Sprint
  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • And more

No one on your crew will be left out no matter who their carrier is.

It Can Be Installed on a Wide Range of Commercial Work Trucks

Whether you drive an oil field truck or a semi, the Drive Reach signal booster will likely work for you.

Aside from the three main components, this kit comes with mounting hardware, 40-inch mast extensions, springs, and everything else you need to keep calls clear and make sure texts go through. It’s specifically designed for use on trucks with three-way antenna mounts.

Multiple Devices Can Use It at the Same Time

The Drive Reach OTR in-vehicle cell signal booster is great for lone drivers, but it really shines when a whole crew needs to stay connected. Because it’s so powerful, multiple devices can harness its cell-boosting properties at the same time. It even works with devices set up as mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.

It’s Just Plain Powerful

If you’re an over-the-road trucker, you’re in places no one would ever expect to need cell service for long periods of time. In those areas, anything could happen and well, you could use a little human contact every now and then.

This in-vehicle cell signal booster is 74% more powerful than the already robust Drive X OTR signal booster. No matter where you go or for how long you’re there, you can have crystal-clear cell service.

It’s 5G-compatible

Telecom technology is constantly evolving and 5G is the new gold standard. 5G communication allows for faster speeds, better call qualities, and less interference than any of its predecessors. When you’re in the farthest reaches of the country, that kind of performance matters the most.

Outfit Your Whole Fleet With Drive Reach OTR In-vehicle Cell Signal Boosters From Campways Today

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