weatherguard tool box with powersync interior lighting

WeatherGuard Lighted Truck Boxes With PowerSync Technology

WeatherGuard Introduces the Industry’s First Truck Box With Interior Lighting and PowerSync Technology

Since 1971, WeatherGuard has been renowned as an industry leader in American-made work truck equipment. To this day their engineers strive to provide solutions to real-world worksite challenges. Based on first-hand feedback from hardworking professionals across industries, they have created the next generation of truck boxes.

WeatherGuard’s new line of truck tool boxes feature advanced technology for unmatched durability, added security, and increased accessibility, unlike anything we have ever seen before. 

WeatherGuard Next-Gen Truck Boxes Featuring PowerSync Technology

By combining an updated design with innovative technology WeatherGuard’s newest saddle and lo-side truck boxes deliver superior performance and enhanced durability for increased jobsite productivity and security. 

Their new line of truck boxes are designed to be compatible with their state-of-the-art PowerSync Technology accessories including interior toolbox lights and remote keyless entry.

Interior Truck Box Lights

weathergaurd powersync technology interior lighting

WeatherGuard’s updated PowerSync toolbox lighting system features full illuminating coverage from bright LED bulbs with a minimum of 600 lumens. The system features a responsive power switch that automatically illuminates the entire toolbox when it is opened. These interior box lights feature a quick-connect wire harness for easy installation, automotive-grade connectors, and impact-resistant encasing for professional-grade protection from environmental hazards and rough terrain.

Remote Keyless Entry

weathergaurd powersync remote keyless entry

With WeatherGuard’s PowerSync Technology, you can enjoy even more convenient access to your truck boxes with their new Remote Keyless Entry upgrade. This state-of-the-art tech allows you to program one remote key fob to up to three separate toolboxes. The key FOB has a range of up to 25 feet and utilizes advanced code hopping technology for ultimate RFID remote security.

Maximum Durability

weathergaurd tool boxes durability

The new saddle and lo-side truck boxes from WeatherGuard have been redesigned to feature a sleek sloped lid and premium latches for easier closing. The lid has also been reinforced with an aluminum channel for increased durability and security from damage or attempted theft. Their newest boxes also feature wider tie-down buckles to provide added clearance to accommodate multiple hooks and larger straps.

All WeatherGuard boxes feature 5-piece body construction with c-channel welding for ultimate durability. Each box comes fortified with ribbed d-bulb weather stripping and a powder coat finish for reliability in even the most demanding environments. 

The installation hardware allows for easy, no-drill mounting to any truck bed, with rust-proof fittings for reliable and secure attachment.

Advanced High-Security Locking System

weathergaurd high-security locking system

The new saddle and lo-side boxes from WeatherGuard turn your work truck into a high-security mobile fortress. The impenetrable system features tamper-resistant push locks designed for ultimate protection from break-ins or weather damage. 

With a 6-plate tumbler, extended cylinder, and automotive-grade shutter, this advanced locking system offers pick-proof security and weather-resistant durability you can always count on. 

weathergaurd one key simplicity

Plus, you can now code all your boxes with one key simplicity. This one key technology allows you to access multiple toolboxes on a work truck or an entire fleet with the same key for faster and more convenient access to your cargo. 

WeatherGuard Truck Boxes With PowerSync Technology Are Available Now at All Campway’s Locations

WeatherGuard knows that no matter the industry or truck brand, you need equipment that’s going to show up at any job site ready to work just as hard as you do. Outfit your work truck with new WeatherGuard saddle and lo-side truck boxes and get unmatched durability, security, and access with the added freedom of PowerSync Technology. Learn more about our selection of WeatherGuard truck boxes online today, or stop by one of our Northern California locations in Santa Rosa, San Jose, Sacramento, or Martinez.


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