Accessories to Maximize your Camper Shell

Known by many names; bed caps, box tops, canopies, and toppers, the pickup truck camper shell has been one of the most popular truck accessories since their inception. At a glance, their utility and function are clear: a camper shell creates storage space that is both weatherproof and secure, allowing contractors and outdoor enthusiasts alike the ability to keep their tools or gear dry and protected.

At Campway’s, we know camper shells and one reason they have remained so popular throughout the years can be summed up in one word: versatility. This versatility comes from the wide range of accessories and options available that can make your new camper shell more accommodating, practical, and valuable.

This month, our spotlight is on the vast assortment of camper shell accessories available.

Interior Options

Additional Storage

Bed Slides create a custom cargo management system that allows you to get the most out of your truck, literally. Perfect for securely storing tools and gear within an easily accessible pullout sliding drawer while still providing full use of your truck bed floor.

Overhead Gear Nets are an effective way to keep bulky or irregularly shaped items like clothing, blankets, or life jackets secure and out of your way.

Ceiling Mounted Pullouts are a great use of often unused ceiling space. Essentially an overhead sliding drawer that provides ready to use storage for tools and equipment. Available with adjustable storage dividers for organization and security.

Power & Lighting

12V Powerblocks are handy accessories that can add a 12V power source to your camper shell. Provides 3 standard accessory sockets with an inline fuse for circuit protection.

Interior Dome Lights are an essential accessory for accessing the contents of your truck bed at night or in low-light conditions.

Automatic 12V Light Switches create a simple and convenient way to automatically turn on and off interior domes lights any time you open and close the rear door to your camper shell. Manual override available.

Added Convenience

Bedrugs & Headliners provide superior protection to your truck bed and camper shell interior. With the look and feel of carpet, a bedrug will prevent dings and damage to your truck bed, protect against gravel and harmful materials, and still protect your cargo and knees!

Keyless Remotes allow you to lock and unlock your camper shell’s rear door with the touch of a button. Using two actuators and its own key fob, this system allows you to lock and unlock your camper shell without affecting your vehicle doors.

Folding Hangers create hanging space for clothing, jackets, and similar articles, keeping them easily available and off the floor. When not in use, they simply fold up and out of the way.

Exterior Storage Options

Sport Racks

Adjustable Roof Rack Systems provide fully adaptable and expandable roof storage solutions. With specially designed carriers for hauling everything from bicycles and skis, canoes and kayaks, to luggage and other materials too large to fit within the camper shell.

Truck Racks

Camper Shell Truck Racks are specially designed to fit around your camper shell, allowing you to utilize the benefits of both components with ease. Now you can haul lengthy or bulky camping gear or construction materials without removing your camper shell.

Window Options

Removable Front Windows

Easily remove the front window for quick cleaning or to provide a little extra space for lengthy cargo. Available in static or sliding window designs. Sliding windows allow extra ventilation and pass-through access from cab to cap.

Fold Up & Sliding Side Windows

Fold Up Side Windows provide access to your cargo from the side of your truck bed. Hinged to open up awning style and double T-handle locks add extra security.

Sliding Side Windows also allow cargo access from either side of your truck bed but can also remain open during transportation to allow better ventilation.

Solid Side Doors in place of windows are meant to provide that desired side truck bed access but restrict the view of the cargo therein for added security.

Screen Protectors

Made of rugged vinyl-clad wire mesh, these screen protectors are bolted securely to the inside frames of side sliding windows offering greatly enhanced ventilation and security for your pets. Your camper shell can become a comfortable and spacious area for your pets whether you’re on the road or parked along the way.

Let Campway’s Expand Your Camper Shell’s Utility

The above is only a sample of the wide variety of camper shell accessories we offer at Campway’s. We take great pride in helping our customers get the most use out of their camper shells and have the knowledge and know-how to get you set up with exactly what you need. Whether for work or play, our staff will be happy to get you outfitted and answer any questions you may have. Stop by or contact one of our locations today!


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