A group of people sit at a campsite in a dry field, next to a truck with Decked truck bed drawers.

DECKED Launches New and Improved Truck Bed Drawer System 

As an industry pioneer, DECKED is already known and loved for their innovative truck bed storage solutions. This all-American brand creates durable and functional storage accessories, and they’re constantly finding new ways to make their products even better. Which is exactly what they did with the launch of their new and improved Truck Bed Drawer System!  

Read on to learn about all the amazing new features like increased storage capacity, enhanced security, and more. 

The Best Truck Bed Drawer System Just Got Even Better 

The DECKED team are strong believers in constant improvement and take customer feedback seriously. Which is why they set out to refine their already award-winning product based on valuable insight from the people who use it every single day.   

The result? A truck bed drawer system that not only meets the evolving needs of its users, but also sets a new benchmark in the industry for quality, functionality, and durability.

Midsize Truck Bed Single Drawers

This drawer system is perfect for utilizing the space in any midsize or compact truck.

Fullsize Truck Bed Double Drawers

For bigger trucks, make the most of all that space with the full-size double drawer system.

DECKED’s new drawer systems are designed to maximize the functionality and space of your truck bed, ensuring that your tools and gear are protected, accessible, and organized, no matter where your journey takes you. 

Increased Drawer Extension

Two trucks equipped with Decked truck bed drawer systems in the middle of a field

Both the mid-size drawers (for smaller trucks) and the full-size drawers (for bigger trucks) now offer better extensions for improved accessibility. Full-size standard drawers now extend 12” further, while mid-size drawers extend an additional 7”, making it easier than ever to reach your equipment and supplies. 

Enhanced Payload Capacity

The engineers at DECKED have once again redefined industry standards, with a truck bed storage system that is more durable than ever. This is all thanks to the high-impact resistant polymer resin that’s co-molded to the steel subframe of the drawers. Now you can expect a jaw-dropping 2000lb payload for full-size trucks and 1000lb for mid-size trucks, allowing you to load and transport even the heaviest equipment with confidence. 

Secure and Lockable Drawers 

When it comes to your truck, security is non-negotiable, and with this truck bed drawer system, you don’t have to. When your tailgate is locked, the drawers become inaccessible, offering a layer of protection that’ll keep your stuff exactly where you want it to be. This storage system also offers an optional keyed lockset for even more security, so you can rest assured knowing your belongings will be protected. 

Improved Weatherproofing 

DECKED delivers this ironclad assurance, giving you the freedom to focus on the adventure ahead of you, come rain or shine. This truck bed drawer system is 100% weatherproof with improved weather stripping and side closeout panels, so your tools and gear will be safe and dry 100% of the time.  

Dust Protection 

Thanks to those new and improved protective closeout panels, all the gear you store in your truck bed drawers will be fully protected from dust, sand, and other pesky airborne particulate matter. With DECKED, you can skip the hassle of cleaning out your drawers after every trip, and focus on what really matters instead: gearing up, and getting out there again. 

Outfit Your Rig with the Best Truck Bed Storage Solutions Today  

From rugged worksites to off-road adventures, make sure your truck is ready for whatever lies ahead. The DECKED drawer system is a game-changer for anyone who takes pride in their truck and what they can accomplish with it. No matter the industry you work in, or the recreational activities you love, this storage system is designed to offer a 100% increase in the utility of your truck bed. 

Contact us online or drop by a Campways location near you or Truck Tops USA in Santa Rosa to explore the DECKED drawer system and other truck accessories firsthand. 


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