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Awesome New Camper Shells You Need to See

Carrying only the best camper shells on the market, if there is one thing we excel at, it’s helping our customers get the most out of their pickup trucks. You may call them by another name, (truck toppers, caps, canopies, or box tops) the truck camper shell has long served the needs of truck owners by increasing the functionality and versatility of their vehicles.

As truck enthusiasts ourselves, we always get excited about the release of new camper shell models and love informing our customers regarding their considerable utility and style.

Read on to check out the latest and greatest offerings by some of the top brands in the industry.

Campway’s Camper Shell Spotlight: The Newest & Most Unique

SnugTop GB Sport

snugtop gb sport truck topper camper shell

Featuring an advanced aerodynamic architecture, the GB Sport was created to compliment the contours and styles of today’s modern truck bodies. The GB Sport’s one-piece design is easily installed using SnugTop’s own no-drill mounting system and double bulb rubber seal protects your truck bed from damage. Sleek, modern scallop windows, a third brake light spoiler, and fuel-saving aerodynamics only add to the GB Sport’s state-of-art design.

Product Features:

  • Flush-Mounted Fixed Side Windows
  • Pop-Out Rear Scallop Side Windows
  • Curved All-Glass Tailgate Window for Optimal Visibility
  • SnugRug Interior Shell Headliner
  • Rotary Tailgate Latches w/ Stainless Steel Rods
  • OEM Factory Matched Colors
  • Hidden Mounting System
  • Lifetime Warranty on Paint & Structure
  • Plus Much More!

Learn more about the SnugTop GB Sport HERE!

Leer 100XQ Sport

leer 100xq sport truck topper camper shell

The latest offering from Leer is spacious, fuel-efficient, and stylish to boot. Building upon the unique enhancements and design elements of the 100XQ, the Leer 100XQ Sport was made to completely integrate with your pickup truck’s body and design features. A premium truck cap in its own right, the 100XQ Sport comes standard with flush one-piece tip-out side windows, interior tube light, and headliner, and features a sleek curved frameless hidden hinge rear door w/ a built-in spoiler!

Product Features:

  • Leer Twist Handle Lock w/ Flip-Up Weather Cover
  • Insulated Roof Construction
  • Keyless Remote
  • Fixed Front Window
  • Dark Tint Glass (keep your cargo out of sight)
  • One-Piece Tip-Out Side Windows w/ Screens
  • Recessed LED Third Brake Light
  • Custom Fit Design
  • Plus Much More!

Learn more about the Leer 100XQ Sport HERE!

A.R.E. Overland Series

a.r.e. overland series truck topper camper shell

As the largest single brand truck cap manufacturer of camper shells, A.R.E offers a wide array of options to serve your specific needs. The Overland Series provides a tough and rugged look that easily compliments today’s trucks. Featuring a unique two-toned design and utilizing a spray-on protective coating to increase strength in high-stress areas, this camper shell brings durability and style to any vehicle it’s installed on. No matter the job, the Overland allows for high volume cargo with easy access.

Product Features:

  • D.O.T. Approved Safety Glass
  • Added Reinforcement of Corners & High-Stress Areas
  • 1/2” Honeycomb Reinforced Roof
  • Heavy Duty Rear Door
  • Half Slider Side Windows
  • Two-Tone Off-Road Design
  • Painted to Match
  • Uncomplicated Clamp-On Installation
  • Limited Life Time Warranty

Learn more about the A.R.E. Overland Series HERE!

A.R.E. Walk-In Door Series

a.r.e. walk-in door series truck topper camper shell

This Walk-In door option for A.R.E. customers is unique only to them as it is the only full door option on the market today. With incredibly easy access to the truck bed, you can quickly load/unload smaller items, pets, and even take shelter from falling rain or the hot sun when needed. Plus, the full-hatch door allows for improved rear mirror visibility for those pulling trailers of any kind. The Walk-In door series is a great option for families or outdoorsmen who love to camp – providing excellent truck bed accessibility for gear or people.

Product Features:

  • A.R.E Exclusive Camper Shell (available on most MX & CX Series camper shells)
  • Full Hatch Glass Access Door
  • Increased Visibility
  • Rear Third Brake Light
  • Reinforced Roof
  • Automotive Grade Paint to Match
  • 500 Hour Salt Spray Rated
  • ISO Certified Standards
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Learn more about the A.R.E Walk-In Door Series HERE!

Find the Perfect Camper Shell for Your Truck at Campway’s

At Campway’s, we carry an extensive selection of camper shells guaranteed to suit your specific needs. Be it for work or play, we can help you find the right bed cover for your truck and get you back out on the road. If you’re in the market for a new camper shell for your pickup truck, whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing camper shell or purchasing for the first time, contact or stop by one of our locations today!


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