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Bring on the Rain

How to Keep Dry this Winter

Like it or not, winter is coming. While we can certainly expect a few more excellent sunny days beforehand, we cannot deny that the rainy season is knocking at our doors. For the average trade professional or excursionist, the rains can create an ongoing struggle to keep their pickup’s interior and cargo safe, dry, and maintained.

Luckily at Campway’s Truck Accessory World, we have just the products and additions you need to keep your pickup truck dry inside the cab and the bed.

Check out some of our best products intended to get you through the coming rains.

Camper Shells

pickup truck with camper shell installed

The camper shell has been one of our primary products since our founding in 1970. The main reason being the tremendous versatility a camper shell brings to any pickup truck. No matter if you use your pickup truck for work, play, or anything in between. A camper shell provides shelter from the storm for all of your truck bed cargo, much like a truck cab shelters it’s passengers.

With an extensive variety of models, styles, and features you would be hard-pressed not to find a camper shell that fits your unique needs.

Tool Boxes

cross box toolbox

A quality truck bed toolbox will not only help you stay organized but is also a great way to keep your tools or gear safe, secure, and protected from the elements. As a popular storage solution due to their straightforward installation, efficient use of space, and reliable construction, truck bed toolboxes can provide years of dependable use.

On top of all that, any truck bed tool box worth its salt will provide full weather protection to seal out the elements. Meaning when you close the lid, you close out the rain with it.

Rain Guards

pickup equipped with window rain guards

A rain guard or a window deflector as they’re also called are devices that install within the window-channel that will block rain and other debris while allowing the window to still be cracked open. Rain guards allow fresh air to enter a vehicle while also letting interior heat to escape during harsh or wet weather.

With no unsightly installation drawbacks, window rain guards can provide an original equipment look, reduce wind noise, and best of all keep your interior dry.

Mud Flaps

pickup truck equipped with rear wheel mud flaps

Whether you’re driving your pickup truck on city streets or off-road, mud flaps are an essential accessory in the protection of your vehicle’s fenders and wheel wells. Anytime you hit the (off) road you’re at risk of rocks, mud, and other debris being picked up and tossed around by your wheels.

Mud flaps prevent debris and water from hitting your vehicle and the vehicles around you.

Floor Liners

vehicle floor mat/liner protection

As the name implies, floor liners can protect your interior carpets with wall to wall floor surface protection. Keeping your interior clean prolongs its use and helps you to maintain your vehicle’s value. If you’re constantly climbing in and out of your truck, whether for work or play, you likely track in a lot of mud and water.

A floor liner will help you catch debris, saving your carpets, and make cleaning it out a simple process.

Seat Covers

vehicle seats equipped with seat covers

Much like floor liners, quality seat covers are instrumental in maintaining the interior of an actively used vehicle. Providing a snug and comfortable fit with durability to boot, seat covers keep fabrics clean and damage free. Not only do seat covers provide exceptional protection from the wear and tear of work or inclement weather, but they’re great for families too. Children, pets, and weekend adventures are no match.

Keep your interior seats looking great for years to come.

Campway’s Knows Truck Accessories

We can’t stop the rain but we certainly know how to handle it. At Campway’s we have the products and know-how to keep your truck in top shape and performing the way you need. Call or contact us online today to learn how we can help you stay dry and in the game.



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