CargoGlide Work Truck and Commercial Van Cargo Solutions

CargoGlide Work Truck and Commercial Van Cargo Solutions

How CargoGlide Systems Revolutionize Cargo Accessibility and Storage for Commercial Vehicles

Job-site safety and productivity are serious concerns in any industry. But when it comes to your commercial vehicle it can be easy to ignore some serious hazards that are costing you time and money. 

Lifting heavy equipment in and out of your work vehicle can be hard on your body. And the time spent searching for essential tools — or money spent replacing misplaced materials — can add up fast. At Campway’s, we understand that hard workers at a busy job site can’t afford these risks and we want to help you find solutions. 

With CargoGlide products, you can outfit your commercial vehicle and improve its functionality to suit any industry. Read on to learn how CargoGlide’s innovative cargo solutions can maximize your work truck or commercial van today.

CargoGlide Systems Offer Improved Jobsite Safety

Work trucks and cargo vans are often high off the ground, making it hard for you to safely access your gear. When you reach for tools or lift heavy equipment, you can easily put yourself in harmful positions and risk injury to your body.

CargoGlide’s innovative storage solutions were created to revolutionize commercial vehicle safety. Their team of engineers have introduced new and innovative solutions that make storage and access to your gear safer and easier.

Install a CargoGlide system in your work vehicle to keep your gear where you can safely and easily access it and wave goodbye to scuffed knees, or pulled muscles. 

CargoGlide XL Truck Bed Slide With Full Extension

The CargoGlide bed slide eliminates the risk of injury by climbing, bending, or awkwardly reaching for your gear. The Cargoglide XL series is designed to offer full extension and rolls 100% out the back of your work vehicle for easy access.

The XL models are framed with USA steel, and can hold up to 2200lbs of weight. The side thrust bearings make for smooth operation, even if your vehicle is parked on a slope.

Improve Inventory Control and Organization with CargoGlide Systems

After a hard workday, it’s easy to load up and just throw your tools into the back of your work rig. But loose tools can be hard to find when you need them next, and materials can be lost or damaged if not properly stored. 

With CargoGlide storage solutions, everything has a designated place, making organization and inventory control in your commercial vehicle effortless. You will be able to easily see and access all your gear, cutting down the time spent searching for essential tools or materials. This system keeps everything in the back of your work vehicle securely stored until you need it, creating a more productive work experience for everyone. 

WallSlide Systems for Commercial Vans

The WallSlide System is manufactured with USA steel framework and customized specifically for your commercial van’s make and model. It is mounted inside your work van with aluminum sliding walls for state-of-the-art storage and access capabilities. 

The WallSlide system can come with a ceiling slide rail and has the option for additional lighting, ladder racks, and a weather canopy. This van cargo system is fully customizable, so you can even have side access, or attach shelving and containers onto the rear sliding walls.

Customize Your CargoGlide System for Any Industry

The engineers at CargoGlide designed the system in modular pieces that can be easily installed or moved around for custom configuration to suit your industry needs. Better yet, CargoGlide products are made to work as hard as you do and are virtually maintenance-free. Every piece of the modular slide system is warrantied. So if one piece is damaged you can easily replace it without having to invest in an entirely new system. 

Get the Most out of Your Work Truck of Commercial Van with CargoGlide Systems from Campways

Loading and unloading your tools, equipment, any other materials from your work truck is considerably faster, safer, and easier with a CargoGlide system. Our expert technicians at Campway’s are here to help you outfit your commercial vehicle with the highest quality accessories to suit your unique needs.

Contact one of our Bay Area Campway’s locations to shop all our CargoGlide commercial systems and get the most out of your work truck or commercial van today.


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