This is a dump trailer with a scissor lift available at Truck Tops USA in Santa Rosa.

Choosing a Dump Trailer That Fits Your Job

The standard trailer won’t cut it for your jobs. You need the ease of use, flexibility, and power that a dump trailer provides.

Which one is the right one for your job?

Dump trailers come in a variety of sizes with a number of different options. If you’re going to invest in a trailer, you want the right one. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where the dump trailer you have is just shy of doing the job you need.

Here are some key considerations when buying a dump trailer.

Trailer Size

Do you need a dump trailer that can handle hauling tractors, equipment and materials? Or, a smaller trailer that makes towing and maneuvering easy? Our dump trailers range in size from the flexible 5’ x 8’ to our large C&B 7’ x 14’, which has two 7,000lb axles.

You might have a certain need now, but will that trailer fit your future needs as well? Our trailers are built to last, so you should consider future uses for your dump trailer as well.

Whether you need to haul mulch & gravel, or heaving equipment & large rocks, we’ve got a dump trailer for you.

Hydraulic Lifting Mechanisms

Single hydraulic ram or optional scissor style hydraulic ram? Do you need added lift capacity for heavy loads?

Choosing the right lifting mechanism will make your job easier.

A scissor lift assembly has better geometry that guarantees the user will be able to lift their load. Even if it is excessively front loaded, the scissor lift assembly will be sure to get it up.

Iron Panther Trailers in Santa Rosa, CA.

Side Walls

How tall do you need your side walls? We have models with 24”, 36”, and 48” tall side walls. Depending on your usual load and usage, these available options give you the dump trailer perfect for your job.

Metal Thickness

The thickness of the metal used for the bed and walls of dump trailers varies based on the intended use of the trailer. Typically, the bed of the trailer uses a thicker metal than the walls as it takes the brunt of the abuse.

Paying attention to load size is important, but be sure to check the metal thickness as well. f

Available Trailer Options

Considering your usage, you might need a dump trailer that has certain available options.

Some currently available options:

  • A contractor’s package with Ramps & D-Rings for hauling tractors, side by sides and UTV’s.
  • Rear combo spreader gate & swing doors and also an integrated tarp system.
  • A storage box for smaller tools, loose parts, or tie downs.
  • Tarp kits complete with built-in bungees.
  • Under bed built-in ramps.
  • Rear stabilizer jacks on the trailer.
  • Built-in trickle chargers.

Choose A Dump Trailer That Works

We are a select provider for top quality brands of Dump Trailers, including; Fabform, Iron Panther, and C&B Trailers. We chose these trailers because they are tough, dependable, and built to last.

To learn more about our dump trailers and which model will work for you call or visit our trailer experts at Truck Tops USA in Santa Rosa.


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