Weather Guard Diamond Plate HI Side Tool Boxes

Choosing the Right Tool Box

Truck beds and security for your valuables are a concern for a lot of people in today’s world. If you’re a contractor trying to protect your tools—or just a truck owner needing to lock up valuables while you’re out and about—tool boxes are a very affordable and viable option.

Tool Box Quality

Just like most other products available to consumers in any market, there are levels of quality available for tool boxes. There are a huge number of options, all the way from plastic entry level boxes or low-grade steel or aluminum boxes to mid-grade steel or aluminum boxes and high end steel or aluminum boxes.

Low-Grade Tool Boxes

When we talk about low-grade boxes, we’re discussing strength and security. Most low-grade boxes will have entry level locks with only a swinging cam to hold the lid in place. The lids are typically flimsy and have no rigid support to them. There are usually a lot of welds, which can crack over time due to the very light gauge of aluminum or steel with which these boxes are constructed. Campway’s and Truck Tops USA do NOT sell boxes of these nature.

Mid-Grade Tool Boxes

BetterBuilt SEC Beveled Chest Truck Box Open in Silver

When we step up to a mid-grade box, such as the Better Built S.E.C. line, this will suit most people’s needs. The locks on the mid-grade Better Built boxes are upgraded to a rotary latch mechanism—very similar to how your trucks door operates and locks. The lids in the mid-grade Better Built boxes are foam filled and insulated, giving the lid a lot of structure and ability to support weight. Mid-grade Better Built boxes are a one-piece stamped bucket where only the end caps (or sides) will be welded on, resulting in a very low chance to any weld failure. The aluminum or steel is also thicker. Most will come with accessories, like a sliding tray for small parts or tools.

High-End Tool Boxes

The high-end boxes like Weather Guard or ProTech come packed with a lot of security and a lot of added features. The locks on the high-end Weather Guard and ProTech boxes are a much better quality rotary latch. There are no key numbers printed on the outside of the locks, adding another level of security. Similar to the mid-grade Better Built boxes, the high end Weather Guard and ProTech boxes will have even more lid strength and thicker gauge aluminum with strategic bends for extra strength. Most high-end boxes will have a lifetime warranty on their welds. The high-end Weather Guard boxes will come with a lot of extras, including level holders, accessory trays, and small parts bins. These boxes will have nicer seals, and will last the end user a lot longer than the cheaper boxes.

Black Diamond Plate Weather Guard HI Side Box

Visit Campway’s and Truck Tops USA for Quality Tool Boxes

Campway’s Truck Accessory World and Truck Tops USA only carry tool boxes that meet a certain level of quality. Our experienced and professional team can help you pick the box that will best suit your needs.

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