Choosing the Right Trailer for the Job!

Nowadays, it seems like everywhere you go you  see a trailer being towed down the road. Due to the wide variety of trailers out there on the market and their ability to be customized for just about any task, it can be pretty easy to find the perfect trailer for your needs with the correct help. Whether you are looking to work or play, trailers can be one of your favorite tools to have around!

Since there are so many trailers on the market with hundreds of different applications, it can get a little overwhelming when choosing a trailer suite your needs. At Truck Tops USA, we understand how difficult this can be, which is why we have dedicated this post to helping you find the perfect trailer. We will guide you through each trailer category that we sell and describe the type of applications that they can be used for.

Looking for a versatile and tough trailer built to work? Check out a dump trailer!

FabForm PT612-10KC Dump Trailer Lifted Side

To start off, we will go with the most common trailer that we sell at Truck Tops USA, The Dump Trailer. To put it short, a dump trailer is basically a workhorse.  They are built to withstand a lot of abuse, carry a lot of weight, and quite honestly take back-breaking work out of your day. With a dump trailer, you can haul a variety of things including bark, dirt, rock, brush, tree stumps, Firewood, landscaping materials, garbage, construction materials, equipment, and many more items. Additionally, as the name suggests, the highlight of dump trailers is that they have a hydraulic cylinder that dumps the load for you, taking hours of demanding labor out of your day. So if you often find yourself hauling materials like garbage and dirt, a dump trailer is a great option for you. Along with this, most dump trailers are built with D-Rings at all four corners in the inside; therefore, you can put things like tractors, dirt bikes, and building materials in the back and strap them down! Overall, dump trailers are great for hauling a wide variety items, but the one thing they lack is protection from the elements like an enclosed trailer can offer.

Still want to carry a lot of weight but don’t need side walls and a rear gate? Check out Flat Beds!

Fabform 183 10k Tilt Bed Trailer

The next common trailer is a Flatbed Trailer. Like dump trailers, flatbed trailers are very versatile however they are best for hauling items that are in one single piece and can be easily strapped down. By this we mean that flatbed trailers are best for hauling things like vehicles or stacks of lumber instead of dirt and bark. Some common items to haul with flatbed trailers include tractors, cars, trucks, off-roading rigs, ATVs, heavy equipment, grape bins, construction materials, and so on. The main thing to realize when hauling materials with a flatbed trailer is that you need to be able to tie them down since the flatbed trailer has no side walls or rear gate. So if you never plan on hauling things like dirt, bark, or brush and don’t need your items in an enclosed environment, then a flatbed trailer is probably the best for you.

Need a lighter duty and versatile little trailer? Check out box trailers!

FabForm DBX58-3KR 5'x8' Box Trailer

The last kind of trailer that would still be considered an “open trailer” is a box or utility trailer. The terms box and utility are often used interchangeably, so understand that they refer to the same type of trailer. Box trailers are like a dump trailer; however, they are cannot hold anywhere near as much weight and do not have a hydraulic dump system to dump the load that you are carrying. The main thing is to realize that they generally can only carry about 1800 to 5000 lbs unlike dump trailers that can hold anywhere from around 5ooo lbs to around 11,500 lbs with an appropriate license and towing vehicle. Generally, box trailers are good for hauling landscaping equipment, landscaping materials, dirt bikes, ATVs, and other lighter items. Overall, the main takeaway is that they are for lighter duty purposes where you don’t need your items in an enclosed area.

Need to keep your goods out of the elements? Check out enclosed trailers!

Cargo Express EX Series 6x12

Moving away from open trailers, we will move to Enclosed Trailers. Enclosed trailers come in a wide variety of sizes going anywhere from 4 ft by 6 ft all the way up to trailers that are 26 ft long. Smaller enclosed trailers, which we generally classify as trailers with dimensions of 7 ft by 14ft or less, are often used by people like contractors, painters, or people who have mobile businesses. For example, when people have businesses like mobile pet grooming, they will customize the interior of one of these trailers to operate their business out of. These trailers can also be used to haul things like dirt bikes and ATVs because tie down mounts can be installed in the floor. When you get into the larger enclosed trailers they are often called Car Haulers. A car hauler is a very large enclosed trailer with multiple axles, designed to carry heavier weights. Generally, car haulers are great for hauling a wide variety of vehicles. In the end, since all enclosed trailers can haul a variety of items like the others mentioned before, the main reason to get an enclosed trailer or car hauler is to have your precious items secured and away from the elements.

For any type of livestock, a stock trailer or horse trailer are sure to do what you need!

Mav Lite Horse Trailer Aluminum Sides

The last type of trailer that we have at Truck Tops is Horse & Livestock Trailers. Horse trailers, as you can guess, are best for transporting horses from one location to the next. Although they may be built for just horses, horse trailers can be used for other things because the stall dividers can swing open so that you can basically have an open stock trailer for use. If you don’t know what a stock trailer is, it is basically a large horse trailer that is completely open inside to haul whatever livestock you may have. What is nice about livestock trailers is they can be used to haul a very wide variety of livestock, hence they are a little more versatile. However, if you are only going to be hauling horses around we would suggest getting a horse trailer because they have many amenities to make the transport easier on the horse. Depending on what you will be hauling, one of these are sure to suit your needs.

At Truck Tops USA we understand how confusing it can be when purchasing a trailer and hope that this guide helps you narrow down your choice. As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact our friendly staff and they will be sure to help you through the decision process!

  • FabForm PT612-10KC Dump Trailer Lifted Side
  • Fabform 183 10k Tilt Bed Trailer
  • FabForm DBX58-3KR 5'x8' Box Trailer
  • Cargo Express EX Series 6x12
  • Mav Lite Horse Trailer Aluminum Sides


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