Endless Adventure with an Amazing Rooftop Tent

An adventurous look, security from the elements, and a comfortable mattress that sure beats sleeping on the ground. The rooftop tent has experienced rising popularity across the country in recent years with more and more manufacturers scrambling to get their products to market. While others work to stay competitive, one company has been providing best-in-class rooftop tents designed to help you get the most out of every adventure.

With a focus on constant improvement, Tepui Tents have been helping travelers and adventurers hit the road in style and comfort. From the Arctic to the Bayou – Tepui Tents help you explore new trails and roads less traveled.

At Campway’s we’re excited to show off our amazing new line of rooftop tents because no matter what time of year it is, there is still plenty of time for adventure.

Why You Need a Rooftop Tent

Attaching to the roof of your vehicle or trailer, rooftop tents have redefined the phrase “car camping”. Read on to learn about what makes a rooftop tent so great.

Camping… Elevated

You’ll find increased security and comfort sleeping up off the ground in your rooftop tent. The elevation means less of a chance any unwanted wildlife will come scratching at your door in the middle of the night. Likewise, you’ll never have to worry about waking up to a pool of water in your bed due to uneven ground or low spots in your campsite. A rooftop tent’s elevation and weatherproof material make for a comfortable sleep every night.

Less Time Setting Up – More Time for Fun

A really great aspect of rooftop tents is found in the ease of setting up camp. Tepui rooftop tents go up in minutes. Simply unzip the cover and flip the tent open. Secure your guidelines, set the ladder, and insert any awning or canopy poles and you’re done. Tear down is just as easy, following the steps in reverse and you’ll be back on the road in no time!

Find the Right Campsite Anywhere

Campsite selection becomes far less of a concern when you camp on the roof of your vehicle. The right location can make all the difference when tenting – rough uneven terrain can make your stay less than ideal. Keep off the ground and spend more time finding a campsite with the perfect view rather than the perfect patch of ground.

Less to Pack & More Comfort

Most rooftop tents include built to fit mattresses that fit the tent space perfectly. By far more comfortable and less cumbersome than an air mattress – plus you’ll never slide off it. With a built-in mattress, that’s one less bulky item to make room for in your vehicle leaving more room for other gear.

Campway’s Rooftop Tent Highlights

Tepui Explorer Kukenam 3

A year-round tent built to endure the elements of any season or climate. Durably designed and impervious to rain, camp anywhere the road takes you.

Product Details:

  • Accommodation for 3 people
  • Coated 600 denier & 260g poly-cotton blend construction made to withstand the elements
  • UV & mold resistant fabric
  • Mesh panels for ideal ventilation
  • Large internal storage pockets
  • High-density foam mattress
  • Available privacy annex provides extra space and weather protection (sold separately)

Tepui Hybox Hard Shell

The ultimate hybrid system that combines a rooftop tent and cargo carrier all in one. Highly durable and waterproof, the Tepui Hybox is designed to elevate your adventure.

Product Details:

  • Accommodation for 2 people
  • Versatile design easily converts tent into a spacious cargo carrier
  • Reinforced insulation for improved temperature control
  • High-density foam mattress
  • Awning weather protection for canopy doors
  • 260g breathable cotton w/ 3000mm waterproof polyester canopy
  • Aerodynamic shell for quiet & fuel-efficient ride

Tepui Low-Pro 3

The lightweight and low-profile design make the Low-Pro 3 easy to install and easy to transport. Durable and waterproof, these rooftop tents are ready for adventure anytime.

Product Details:

  • Accommodation for 3 people
  • Ultra-low-profile design folds down to 7”/18cm
  • Durable thermoplastic tent base construction
  • Lightweight all-season protective canopy
  • Patented ZipperGimp easily attaches canopy to tent base
  • UV & mold resistant fabric
  • Available 6ft Awning (sold separately)

Plan Your Next Adventure with Campway’s

Sleeping underneath the stars will likely never go out of style. Campers and travelers know this well and a rooftop tent provides advantages that just can’t be beaten by traditional tenting. One of the biggest factors in choosing which model will be best for you is determined by the load capacity of your vehicle’s roof rack.

The team at Campway’s Truck Accessory World understand this well and can help you choose the perfect rooftop tent or get you set up with any other vehicle accessories you may need. To learn more, please contact online or stop by one of our locations in Santa Rosa, San Jose, Martinez, or Sacramento today!


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