Fabform PT612-10KC

Getting your Money’s Worth of a Dump Trailer – The Fabform PT612-10KC

As time goes on we keep seeing more and more trailers on the roads. Nowadays, you can find trailers that are built for just about anything, whether it is for work or for play. The main reason why they are so common today is because they can make your life a lot easier. In this blog, we are going to focus on the best of work trailers, and in particular, dump trailers. Time and time again, the most popular trailer that we sell at Truck Tops USA in Santa Rosa is the PT612-10KC Dump Trailer from Fabform Manufacturing. This dump trailer is 6ft wide by 12 ft long and has two 5000lb axles under it, giving it a GVWR of 10,000 lbs. The main reason why this trailer is so popular is because of the quality build and design which make it one of the most versatile trailers on the market.

This trailer is packed with features that enhance its value.

Let’s begin with all of the features that are included in this trailer. Starting from the front, you immediately have a durable 7000lb drop leg jack and a front tongue storage box with a solar charger for the battery on it. Continuing on, you have a tarp kit and an under-deck basket to store all of your fabform-17shovels, rakes, and other tools in the front of the trailer. The tarp kit is arguably one of the most convenient to use in the industry because there is a bungee cable that goes along the perimeter of the tarp. This bungee then clips conveniently onto quick latches that are mounted along the sides and the rear of the trailer. This helps users extend and strap down the tarp very easily, as opposed to using individual bungee cords one-by-one along the perimeter of the tarp. Once someone uses the tarp system on this trailer, they often never want to go back to bungee cords.

It’s the small details in this trailer that count.

Another subtle feature on this trailer, which often goes unnoticed, is the location of the hydraulic pump for the ram. The hydraulic pump for the ram is mounted under the trailer as opposed to inside the front box. Since it is mounted under the trailer, users have more room in their tool box to store different items that they need. Moving to the rear, this dump trailer comes with a durable spreader gate/barn door style gate in the rear. This gives users the option to utilize whichever gate is best suited for the job. For example, if someone was spreading gravel out on a long stretch of road the spreader gate would be very convenient to use. However, if the user just wants to dump their load quickly, the barn door option would most likely be utilized. The last major feature of this trailer is the radial tires that come with it. Unfortunately, many manufacturers throw the cheaper and weaker bias-ply tires on their trailers with customers not knowing the difference. This is a place where manufacturers can cut major costs, but in the end, the bias-ply are going to have half the life of radial tires and will have a higher probability of failing. These are all major features of this trailer, but in the end, there is still one feature that makes this trailer such a great seller.

Fabform focuses on proving quality over quantity.

When you break this trailer down and look at every detail that is put into its build, it is clear that it gives you the best value for your money.

The main reason why this trailer has been so popular over the years is due to the quality build. Starting off, this dump trailer is fully framed on the sides with 2×3 tubing along with diamond plate sheet metal which is welded to the framing. This gives the side walls of this trailer incredible strength, as opposed to when manufacturers take sheet metal and fold it over on itself to make it look like box tubing. When manufacturers fold the sheet metal over in a box shape, it reduces the strength of the side walls tremendously. On top of this, all of the seams are sealed with caulking, helping prevent rust and therefore extending the life of the trailer. The Fabform PT612-10KC dump trailer also has heavy duty diamond plate fenders with reinforced supports, allowing them to withstand a lot of abuse. Unlike many fenders that are solely built to prevent rocks and mud from kicking up, these fenders can actually be used for work.

Small details under the trailer make it stand out from others in the long run.

Additionally, when you look under the trailer, there are two things that give this trailer more value than others. First, Fabform spaces the cross-members closely so that the floor of the trailer can withstand a lot of tough and harsh work without failing. On top of this, when you look at the wiring of the trailer it is one complete OEM wiring harness, eliminating But Connectors. But Connections are common under trailers but are a drawback because each connection is an extra place for the wiring to have problems. Continuing on from the wiring, all of the lighting on the trailer is recessed into the framing, keeping the lights out of the way of your work and eliminating the risk of knocking them off the trailer. Overall, there is a lot of thought that has been put into this trailer in order to ensure it is a quality dump trailer.

All of these features make it into an extremely versatile trailer.

The last thing that makes this trailer so popular is because it is extremely versatile. All of these features that are built into the trailer make it one of the most versatile trailers on the market. With this trailer you can use it for many jobs including:

  • Hauling supplies
  • Hauling landscape materials
  • Hauling garbage
  • Hauling brush
  • Hauling a tractor
  • Hauling tools

These are just some of the things that you can use the trailer while there are still many other possibilities.

Overall, the Fabform PT612-10KC gives you the most value in a trailer due to its quality build which then makes it so versatile. If you have any other questions about this trailer feel free to contact the friendly staff at Truck Tops USA in Santa Rosa and they will be more than willing to help answer any more questions that you have.

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