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Why We Choose Iron Panther Dump Trailers for Heavy Duty Jobs

7 Reasons An Iron Panther Dump Trailer is Perfect for Any Industry

No matter what industry you work in, you need equipment that shows up to every job site ready to work as hard as you do. Tough jobs require the toughest equipment, and the Truck Tops team knows Iron Panther Dump Trailers are always up to the test. These industrial dump trailers bring a new meaning to ‘Heavy Duty’ and represent the best of the best in commercial dump trailers.

Read on to learn more about the versatility, flexibility, convenient features, and unmatched power of the Iron Panther dump trailer.

1.   Iron Panther Dump Trailer Load Capacity

This is a dump trailer with a scissor lift available at Truck Tops USA in Santa Rosa.

Worry about weight less – Iron Panther dump trailers boast a diverse load capacity to handle just about anything you can fit:

–       Iron Panther 5×10 7k Dump Trailer

–       Iron Panther 6×10 7k Dump Trailer

–       Iron Panther 6×10 10k Dump Trailer

–       Iron Panther 6×12 10k Dump Trailer

–       Iron Panther 7×12 14k Dump Trailer

Whether you need to haul construction debris and heavy job site equipment, or landscaping supplies like gravel and yard waste – Iron Panther Dump Trailers can do it all no matter the size.

2.   Iron Panther Dump Trailer Scissor Lift

The Iron Panther dump trailer raised with a close look at the industry-grade scissor lift

With the Iron Panther’s scissor hoist available on most models, you can take hours off the hardest of jobs with just the push of a button. This industry-grade lift design guarantees you’ll be able to lift and dump even the heaviest of loads in a controlled manner with ease.

3.   The Iron Panther Dump Trailer Tri-Gate System Takes Accessibility to a New Level

The Iron Panther dump trailer angled up with the spreader gate open

Most Iron Panther trailers feature an adaptable tri-gate system with two independent doors along with a spreader gate system. The spreader gate system allows you to quickly and efficiently spread gravel, saving you hours of hard work.

4.   Iron Panther Dump Trailer Take Durability Seriously

The Iron Panther dump trailer from behind at a worksite

Your worksite puts even the strongest trailer equipment to the test. You need something with a lasting durability that can handle heavy loads over and over. The Iron Panther dump trailer is here to serve. The 10 gauge steel heavy duty build stands the test of time between transporting large job site equipment and hefty hauls and it looks great doing it. Iron Panther’s quality build is made to last so you can rely on it for years to come.

5.   Iron Panther’s Dump Trailer Innovative Ramp Design

Iron Panther dump trailer with the under ramp deployed.

Iron panther dump trailers feature extendable ramps that are conveniently hidden under the deck and slide out with ease. This innovative design provides safe access for loading and unloading gear, without getting in the way during transport.

6.   Iron Panther Dump Trailer Walk-On Fenders

Showing off the heavy duty fenders of the Iron Panther dump trailer

The Iron Panther fenders are designed with durability and accessibility in mind. With their heavy-duty walk-on fenders, you have easy and safe access to the entire trailer once everything is loaded.

7.   Secure Your Haul with Iron Panther’s Dump Trailer Tarp Kit

Iron Panther dump trailer with tarp over the top

Iron Panther tarp kits feature a durable guard and conveniently placed D-rings to make covering and securing your entire load easy and efficient. Every Iron Panther dump trailer comes with a tarp kit to ensure transporting even the biggest and dirtiest of hauls is easier and all your gear and equipment remains safe, and debris secure.

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