An older man easily lifting a CURT CrossWing 20K 5th Wheel Hitch into the back of his truck bed by himself

New CrossWing 5th Wheel Hitch Makes Towing Easier Than Ever

The CURT CrossWing Hitch Offers 20K Towing Capacity with 65% Lighter Design and Hassle Free Coupling

CURT is an industry-leading manufacturer of USA-Made trailer hitches. They offer a complete line of custom-fit towing products for just about every vehicle on the road today, and for any towing or hauling needs.

Their new CrossWing 5th Wheel Hitch combines a competitive 20,000-pound weight capacity with an incredibly lightweight design. This hitch also promises to take the guesswork out of fifth wheel hook-up with an innovative hassle-free coupling system unlike anything else on the market.

The CURT Lightweight CrossWing 20K %th WHeel Hitch on a white background

Easier and Faster Coupling

If you have ever had to line up a hitch receiver with a fifth wheel kingpin on your own, you know it can be a long and challenging process at times, especially on uneven terrain. With the CrossWing, you can say ‘goodbye’ to the guesswork and repeated attempts, and ‘hello’ to easy and simple 5th wheel hook up.

CrossWing Coupling System

CrossWing 5th Wheel Hitch hassle-free coupling system makes hooking up a trailer easier than ever.

Generic Coupling System

Generic coupling system of a 5th wheel hitch with

This lightweight 5th wheel hitch is equipped with a state-of-the-art hassle-free coupling system that enables drivers to check their positioning without ever having to exit their truck. The unique 45-degree funnel hitch design provides a much larger, and easy-to-see striking surface so perfectly lining up the hitch has never been faster or easier.  

The head connection point is also designed to self-align to the head channel, effortlessly sliding the kingpin into place every time. Now you can successfully couple on any terrain, without ever worrying about being slightly off center again.

Lightweight Design with 20k Capacity

In addition to simplifying the hook-up process, the CrossWing also gives fifth wheel towers the best of both worlds by packing exceptional towing strength into one lightweight hitch. 

Tested 20K Strength

To ensure maximum strength and performance, the CrossWing is made with incredibly durable high-grade steel versus the traditional aluminum construction. This provides an amazing 20,000-pound tow capacity rating that stands up to the strict SAE J2638 standards.

CrossWing 5th Wheel Hitch with tested 20k pounds weight capacity
CrossWing 5th Wheel Hitch incredibly lightweight design only weighs 60 pounds

65% Lighter  Design

Even with this impressive 20k rating and high-strength steel body, this is still one of the lightest 5th wheel hitches available. Weighing only 60 pounds, the CrossWing is about 65% lighter than many other 5th wheel hitches, allowing for simple one-person installation and removal.

Smoother Towing Experience

The new CrossWing hitch features patent-pending ShockDrop technology. This integrated tech provides a smoother towing experience with a cushioned isolator designed to reduce vibrations, rattling, and jerking.

The hitch coupling point is also offset by five inches to the back, to give drivers even more turning clearance. As well as full fore, aft, and lateral head articulation for a more comfortable and controlled ride in any terrain. 

A diagram describing how the CURT CrossWing lightweight 20k 5th wheel hitch with ShockDrop technology provides a much smoother towing experience

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