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What Makes Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers Such Hot Item?

Over the past five years or so Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers have become an extremely popular accessory for truck owners.  It all started with tonneau covers like the Extang Solid Fold tonneau cover, but as time has gone on manufacturers have made countless improvements to these covers that make them an ideal accessory for your truck.  In this blog I am going to cover all of the features that make the Tri-Fold style of Tonneau cover so popular.

Installation – The first thing that makes these tonneau covers such a popular item is how easy they are to take on and off.  To begin, there is no drilling required to install these covers, which is often something taken for granted.  Generally speaking, most of the Tri-Fold covers are secured using a clamping system that secures directly to the rails of the truck bed.  Each manufacturer has a specific way they use to mount the cover; however, most of these covers use small rails that attach to the rails of the truck bed.  Thankfully, these rails are generally only a couple of inches in width so they don’t get in the way with your work.  Some models, like the Leer Trilogy, don’t require any rails and the tonneau cover clamps directly to the truck bed.  When it comes to taking these covers on and off it is very easy.  Most of the time you can fold it up (so that it is 1/3 of its usual size) and take the cover off by yourself.  It varies by the cover, but usually the cover either un-hooks or un-clamps from the rails.  Either way it is very easy and most of these covers can be taken on and off within minutes by yourself.  This ease of installation is certainly one of the highlighted features of Tri-fold tonneau covers.

Tri-Fold Tonneau

Versatility – The second thing that makes these covers so popular is the versatility that comes with them.  Within Seconds you can change from having your full tonneau cover to having it cover only 1/3 of your bed.  This allows you to use the bed for whatever you need, whether you are towing a gooseneck trailer or just loading up random equipment.  As I mentioned above, you can also completely take off you cover in seconds to then have your full bed available.  The versatility of these covers is what really separates these covers from the standard all fiberglass tonneau covers.

Security – The next thing that this cover adds is security.  With this style of tonneau cover you can secure your entire bed space.  In general, if your truck has a tailgate lock on it you can fully secure your truck bed with a Tri-Fold cover.  All you have to do is have the cover clamped down at its full length and then lock the tailgate.  Don’t worry if your tailgate doesn’t have a lock, they are a common addition and can be usually added for under $100.  All of this extra space for securing your items can really come in handy.

Sealing from the Weather – Another feature of these tonneau covers is that they can keep your items away from the elements.  With the seals that run along the border of these covers you can easily keep out water and dust.  This keeps all of your cargo clean and dry while in transport.

Styling and Aerodynamics – The last two features that these types of covers add is styling and aerodynamics.  At the end of the day all tonneau covers add nice styling to your truck bed.  In general, tonneau covers give your truck a more slick a sporty look as apposed to when it is just a plain truck bed.  On top of this, they also add aerodynamics to the rear of the vehicle which can help you save gas in the long run.  Although these are features for all tonneau covers, they simply add to the long list of features that Tri-fold tonneau Covers give you.

Overall, these are the main features that make Tri-Fold tonneau covers so popular right now.  Currently, one of the most popular covers is the Leer Trilogy because of its ease of installation and removal with no additional rails along with the great style that it adds to the truck.  We carry a wide variety of Tri-Fold and other tonneau covers at all of our stores.  Call or visit one of our stores today to set your truck up with the perfect tonneau cover!


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