A Mob Mount Magnetic (left) and Mob Mount Claw (right) in action.

Mob Armor: The Toughest Off Road Vehicle Phone Mounts Around 

Being out on the road gets rough, especially when your destination takes you off the beaten path. Just like your vehicle, you’ll need gear and equipment built to withstand the demands of a rugged off-road lifestyle. So, when it comes to protecting your digital devices like your smartphone, you’re going to need a vehicle phone mount designed to withstand even the wildest terrain. That’s where Mob Armor comes in. No matter where your adventure takes you – or the vehicle you take – Mob Armor off road vehicle phone mounts have you covered. 

Lock in Your Device Anywhere with Mob Armor Phone Mounts for Motorcycles, ATVs, Cars, Boats, Trucks, and More 

Mob Armor phone mounts are the perfect solution for securing devices in or even out of your vehicle. All their products are hand-assembled in the United States and designed for daily use, on or off road.  

MobNetic Maxx Magnetic Vehicle Phone Mount

Product image of MobNetic Maxx Magnetic Vehicle Phone Mount

The MobNetic Maxx Magnetic Vehicle Phone Mount brings a whole new meaning to “small yet mighty”! This compact magnetic phone mount is easily one of the most versatile and durable phone holders out there. In fact, the entire MobNetic line is made from billet aluminum which is a material commonly used in construction and machinery due to its strength and durability.  

The MobNetic Maxx car phone mount uses strong magnets with a pull force of 90 lbs. to hold your phone securely in place. With a 90-degree tilt and 360-degree rotation, you can keep your mobile device safe and phone screen pointed exactly where you need it all times.  

MobNetic Maxx features and benefits: 

  • Designed for everyday use 
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum build 
  • 90 lbs. pull force for security 
  • 90-degree tilt adjustment and 360-degree rotation 
  • Available in 10 unique finishes, such as silver, gold, bronze, and more 
  • Assembled in the U.S. 
  • Comes with 3-year warranty 

Mob Mount Switch Magnetic Vehicle Phone Mount

Product image of the Mob Mount Switch Magnetic Vehicle Phone Mount

The Mob Mount Switch Magnetic Vehicle Phone Mount is one of the toughest phone mounts on the market. This all-metal phone mount comes with a powder coat finish for durability and comes in both small and large sizes with a single-slide cradle for ease of use for just about any device. It’s suitable for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, cars, boats, and other vehicles. 

With three mounting options, this phone holder is designed to be universal and can accommodate a broad range of devices and hold up against rugged terrains.

Mob Mount Switch features and benefits: 

  • Made from 5052 aluminum alloy 
  • Tab can be adjusted to fit any phone 
  • Quickly and easily secure your device with twist lock 
  • Mounting options can be changed using the attachment bracket 
  • Device is protected from shock & vibration with high-density closed-cell EVA foam  
  • Magnet with 90lb pull force allows you to mount to any dashboard or ferrous metal object 
  • Mob Discs included for non-ferrous surface attachment 
  • Compatible for phones with or without cases 

Switch Claw Off-Road Phone Mount for Motorcycles, ATVs, Trucks and More

Product image of the Switch Claw Off-Road Phone Mount for Motorcycles, ATVs, Trucks and More

If off-road adventures are your kind of thing, then the Switch Claw Off-Road Phone Mount will be, too. This unique side and clamp mounting system allows you to easily attach any devices to handlebars, stroller handles, roll cages, and more. You can also adjust the viewing angle up to 25 degrees either side or rotate the mount 360 degrees for even more convenience. 

Switch Claw features and benefits: 

  • Claw-style attachment for versatility and security 
  • Fits tubing size 1/4″ to 2″ 
  • Adjust viewing angle up to 25 degrees to either side, 50 degrees total 
  • 360-degree rotation capacity 
  • Available in small or large cradle sizes 
  • Compatible for phones with or without cases  

Shop All Mob Mount Vehicle Phone Mounts at Campways 

At Campway’s Truck Accessory World, we take pride in offering the best vehicle accessories and equipment available. With Mob Armor vehicle phone mounts, you can take the road less traveled knowing any device you bring with you is always exactly where you want it.  

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