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Proven Industries: #1 Selling High-Security Trailer Coupler Lock

When it comes to securing your trailer, there’s no room for compromise. No matter what it is you’re hauling, your cargo is valuable, and you deserve the peace of mind that it is secure no matter where it is. Luckily, you can easily defend your trailer against theft with a high-security trailer coupler lock from Proven Industries, available now at TruckTops USA, and Campways Sacramento.

These trailer locks are expertly manufactured in the U.S. with patented technology, and as the #1 selling trailer coupler lock, you can trust your trailer isn’t going anywhere you don’t want it to.

Proven Industries: Leaders in Trailer Lock Security

Proven Industries heavy-duty trailer coupler lock

Proven Industries is a family-owned and operated business whose story began with the theft of a family trailer. After losing over $40,000 in equipment, they realized that most trailer locks on the market weren’t as effective as they claimed to be. 

Proven Industries was born from the desire to change the coupler lock industry for the better with rigorous quality standards and a passion for creating security solutions that actually work. Now, their locks help families like theirs keep their belongings safe and secure.  

As industry leaders, Proven Industries takes pride in their commitment to producing state-of-the-art trailer locks to ensure your belongings are always secure. 

Family Owned and Operated

Being a family-run business means that Proven Industries has complete control over the quality standards they set for their company and the products they produce. They are also able to nurture strong connections with their distributors and customers, contributing to their overall success. 

Made in the USA 

American-made means stricter quality control and no cut corners. Proven Industries is proud to be based right here in the U.S., where their locks are manufactured. This allows for increased control over product development and delivery, so they can ensure that every lock lives up to strict quality standards. 

Lifetime Warranty 

Proven Industry’s trailer coupler locks are eligible for a Lifetime Limited Warranty. They guarantee that their products are made without defects, but if any lock doesn’t live up to your standards, they will work with you to address the problem in a timely manner. 

Heavy Duty Trailer Coupler Lock  

With durable design and expert engineering, Proven Industries’ patented trailer coupler locks stand out from the rest. These heavy-duty locking systems are ingeniously designed with hundreds of hours of research and development behind every product. This commitment to quality, durability, and functionality is what makes them one of the best-selling high-security coupler trailer locks available on the market. 

Quarter Inch Hardened Steel Design 

Durability and expert design are truly what set these trailer coupler locks apart from the rest. The inner slide and outer shield are both made from quarter-inch hardened steel, allowing for the unmatched strength and maximum security that makes these trailer coupler locks so dependable.  The inner slide is robotic TIG welded and is designed to secure your trailer’s safety chains as well, which is a benefit offered by no other lock on the market. 

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Puck Lock with Hidden Shackle 

Traditional padlock shackles can be easily cut, which puts your trailer and the equipment inside at risk of theft. Luckily, Proven Industries found a way to address this vulnerability with a simple solution: the puck lock.  

With easy installation and innovative design, these puck locks offer some of the best security on the market, since the shackle is hidden inside the lock and impossible to cut. They’re also crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum, which is a type of alloy used in the construction of military aircraft. Aircraft-grade aluminum offers superior strength and lightweight durability that will protect your trailer without weighing it down. 

COBRA 7 High-Security Lock (Standard) 

The security measures don’t stop there though. Even the internal keying system features cutting-edge tech. The Cobra 7 high-security lock is a patented key system with a unique 7-sided tubular keyway that prevents hardware store key copying. This system is standard for all these trailer couple locks at no additional cost to you. 

Pick Proof Lock Disk-Detainer (Upgrade) 

With the Proven Disk Container Lock system, lock-picking is virtually impossible, thanks to innovative rotating disk technology. This high-end locking system is durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and can be included as an upgrade option for any Proven Industries trailer coupler lock. 

Medeco M3 Lock (Upgrade) 

Another upgrade you can choose to add onto any Proven Industries trailer lock is the Medeco M3 Lock. Medeco is one of the country’s oldest manufacturers, trusted by prisons and government facilities alike—and even the White House. This upgrade option is made of high-quality brass and hardened steel and is available upon request at an additional cost. 

Shop Proven Industries Heavy Duty Trailer Coupler Locks at Campways 

You can shop Proven Industries heavy-duty trailer coupler locks and more at Campway’s Truck and Accessory World. For decades, we’ve been serving the Bay Area as one of the West Coast’s largest retailers of truck accessories. We only carry high-quality products we would use ourselves, so you can shop with confidence. 

Shop Proven Industries trailer coupler locks now at TruckTops USA in Santa Rosa and Campway’s Sacramento!


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