Customize Your Truck with These RSI SmartCap Accessories

If you have an RSI SmartCap modular truck cap, you likely bought it for its many customization options. If you haven’t tricked it out yet or want to know what else you can do with it, this is the article for you! SmartCap has anticipated your every need with accessories that will help make working, off-roading, camping, or hauling so much easier. Plus, when you’re talking RSI SmartCap, you’re talking quality, durability, and versatility. Read on to learn about some of the amazing ways you can accessorize your RSI SmartCap truck cap with these must-have accessories.  

4 Must-Have Accessories for Your RSI SmartCap Truck Cap 

The possibilities are endless with the many easy-to-install add-ons from SmartCap. Your “transformer” truck will be the envy of all your friends! When you’re hauling, working, off-roading, road tripping, camping, or overlanding, you’ll be ready for anything.  

1. SmartCap Truck Cap Gullwing Camp Kitchen 

Woman reaching for tea kettle while at RSI SmartCap Gullwing Camp Kitchen mounted on truck cap on truck in wilderness.
Source: SmartCap YouTube video “SmartCap”

If you have any camping in mind, this gullwing camp kitchen has everything you need—even the utensils and spices! The camp stove pulls down and all the utensils are recessed into secure molded bins for ease of access and secure transport.  

2. RSI SmartCap Truck Cap Racks 

When you’re ready to load up for your next adventure, or for your next job site, all your gear will be simple to load, super secure, and easy to get at with SmartCap truck cap racks. Your SmartCap truck cap can be customized for the way you use your truck and the type of loads you haul most. The seamless modular design means no SmartCap accessory will look added on or like an afterthought. Haul in style with these handy racks and load bars.  

SmartCap Drop Rack 

RSI SmartCap Platform Rack
RSI SmartCap Drop Rack on truck with one half dropped down.

Imagine loading your gear onto your roof rack without reaching and securing it by feel. Imagine being able to load at eye level and slide the loaded rack back up to the roof. SmartCap imagined it and designed it. No more step ladders and no more going without something because it’s not worth the hassle to get at it before you’ve arrived at your destination. These ergonomically designed racks make roof rack storage a piece of cake.  

SmartCap Platform Rack 

The SmartCap Platform Rack offers spacious flat surface that can handle a load of up to 330 pounds, with infinite mounting points for maximum stability on the road. It’s sleek, seamless design blends with your truck cap and increases its hauling capacity and versatility.  

RSI SmartCap Platform Rack mounted on SmartCap modular truck cap

SmartCap Roller Rack 

RSI SmartCap Roller Rack

The SmartCap Roller Rack also holds up to 330 pounds in motion and has infinite tie down points to keep your load secure. The rollers on this heavy-duty rack make loading and offloading large items nearly effortless.  

SmartCap Load Bars 

Sometimes, you just need an inconspicuous set of load bars to haul lumber or ladders. Or maybe you want to be ready for the family trip or overland adventure. The SmartCap load bars are great for work ladders, kayaks, bikes, tents, or whatever you need to secure to your truck cap. These load bars also play well with most roof rack accessories.  

RSI SmartCap Load Bars

3. SmartCap Truck Cap Gullwing Drawer-Bin 

Open and empty RSI SmartCap Drawer Bin mounted on truck cap on truck.
Source: RSI SmartCap
Interior of Ford truck bed with RSI SmartCap with drawer bin.
Source: RSI SmartCap

The SmartCap Gullwing Drawer-bin is all about the little things. Those important tools you need to get to fast, right at eye level. Keep your tools, your tent stakes, or your spare parts handy with these pull-out drawers. They glide effortlessly and keep your items safe, even over the roughest terrain.  

4. SmartCap Truck Cap Gullwing Bins 

RSI SmartCap Gullwing Full Bin empty and open mounted on a SmartCap Modular Truck Cap on a truck
RSI SmartCap Half Bin with gear in bin and two dogs poking heads out of other half of gullwing opening

If you need easy-access storage near the front of your truck, the gullwing 6.3 cu. ft. storage bin might be your answer. It includes a MOLLE panel to keep your gear secured and organized. SmartCap also offers a half size bin that leaves half of the gullwing space open. Need more room in the bed for a particular project? No problem! Both bins can be removed in minutes when you don’t need them.  

Customize Your RSI SmartCap Modular Truck Cap at Campway’s 

The SmartCap Truck Cap is the perfect way to have your truck ready for everything you’d ever do with it. The modular design makes accessorizing a breeze. Plus, all your accessories will look like they’ve always been there, seamlessly integrating with your truck cap. At Campway’s Truck Accessory World, we want to make sure your truck has everything thing you need for the road ahead or the work project that can be made easier. Visit any of our North Bay locations in Santa Rosa, San Jose, Sacramento, or Martinez. or contact us online with your questions. 


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