The Advantages of Cab-Over Truck Campers

Weekend adventurers and long-haul explorers looking to purchase a new RV are discovering the Cab-Over Truck Camper has much to offer consumers in place of large and expensive motorhomes. The truck campers of today come in various sizes and provide many of the same conveniences of pull behind campers found on the market.

Cab-Over Truck Campers come in many sizes and models designed to fit any variety of truck bed. Offering clever and spacious room for all the comforts you desire at a fraction of the price. Ideal for small families, couples, and individuals alike. With a cab-over truck camper, you can travel and camp anytime and anyplace your pickup truck can go.

If you haven’t considered a Cab-Over Truck Camper, you maybe surprised by what you find.

Matchless Versatility

A cab-over truck camper is one of the most versatile styles of RV on the market. Whether you’re planning a weekend trip or a weeks-long excursion, a truck bed camper can satisfy your needs. Need to tow an extra vehicle, utility trailer, or even a fishing boat? With a solid platform for towing you can still bring along those necessary extras, provided you have the pickup truck for the job.

Another versatile function of a truck bed camper is the ability to load and unload the unit virtually anywhere. All you need is a flat, even surface and you can easily lower the camper jacks to the ground, allowing you to simply drive out from under it. Loading the unit is just as simple. Now you can set up your campsite and still use your vehicle to do some sightseeing or off-roading.

Drive with Confidence

For many, driving oversized motorhomes or pulling large fifth wheel campers is an intimidating ordeal. The additional length and hitch joints of pull behind campers or trailers can make navigation a difficult task. Cornering or reversing require extra caution and driving experience. Just traveling down the highway can become more difficult as pull behind campers are more susceptible to high winds and drivers must be extra cautious of other inattentive drivers on the road. But a cab-over truck camper frees you from the hassles of pulling oversized and potentially dangerous cargo.

It is also hard to beat the maneuverability a truck camper allows. The compact size of the unit combined with a tighter turning radius of pickup trucks means you can get in and out of tight spaces much more easily than with a pull behind. The added weight will have an impact on your vehicle power and breaking but won’t take long to adapt to. Essentially, with a cab-over truck camper, you can go just about anywhere your pickup truck could already go.

At Home Comfort

One of the best features of truck bed campers is the ability to pack many at home amenities into their compact shape. With a comfortable full-size bed, kitchenette, bathroom, shower, and more storage, slide out conveniences, and hidden compartments than we can list here. Every inch is fully utilized to make efficient use of space and to be as lightweight as possible. 

If you intend to travel throughout the year and through all types of weather, you’ll appreciate the many four-season options available to you. With dual pane windows, insulated hatch covers, and advanced heating systems for storage tanks, water heaters, and ductwork, you won’t have to worry about hot days or cold nights again.

Easy to Store & Maintain

If you’ve ever owned a full-sized RV before, then you know well that they take up a good bit of space. Most of us do not live on large properties and the ability to easily park our truck campers alongside the garage is a great convenience. Even if you must pay to park your truck camper at a storage lot or facility it will be much cheaper than it would be for a full sized pull behind RV.

A similar argument may be made for maintenance. If you’ve owned a pull behind camper before, then you know about the time and cost involved in keeping the unit road worthy. Maintaining the brakes, bearings, tires, and towing components can really eat up your time and money prior to any trip. With a truck camper, you only need to complete the regular maintenance you’d normally perform on your pickup truck.

Campways Knows… Campers!

The above are just some of the great benefits of the cab-over truck camper. If you’ve been on market for a new RV but just aren’t thrilled about their large size or even larger price tag, then you need to take a serious look at cab-over truck campers. Nothing out there can match their convenience, versatility, or cost.

At Campway’s, we offer several fantastic models of cab-over truck campers by Lance Campers, each loaded with amenities. Call or contact us online today to learn more about their amazing features or stop by our Truck Tops USA location in Santa Rosa to see one first hand.


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