SNUGtop GB sport truck cap

The GB Sport: SnugTop’s Coolest Truck Cap

5 Reasons We Love the GB Sport Truck Cap for Modern Trucks

Camper shells are the perfect truck accessory for work or play. A truck cap will not only build on extra versatility and function, the perfect shell will also add major style to any truck it’s installed on.

SnugTop’s GB Sport is one of the most stylish camper shells on the market, and is completely tailored for the modern truck. With a unique design and must-have features, you’ll love this truck top just as much as we do – and that’s a lot! 

Read on for five reasons why our Campway’s team can’t get enough of SnugTop’s GB Sport, and why you’ll need one installed on your truck today!

1. The GB Sport’s Sleek Design Compliments Modern Truck Bodys

The SnugTop GB Sport blends seamlessly into most any midsize truck. Just like your rig, the Sport features its own sleek design that complements the various edges and contours of your truck bed. The shapes and curved lines of the camper shell along with OEM paint color matching make it feel like the GB Sport was designed for your truck specifically, from the start. 

If you’re looking for a truck cap that looks just as good as your truck, you found it with SnugTop’s GB Sport! 

2. The Aerodynamic Architecture of the GB Sport Truck Cap Saves Fuel

What’s better than looking good? Saving money at the same time!  

The aerodynamic structure of the GB Sport truck cap promotes better fuel mileage so you can go further without spending more. No matter what you’re hauling in your truck bed, the state-of-the-art design of this cap brings function to form and helps your truck cut through the wind with ease.

3. USB Power Chargers Make the GB Sport a Modern Marvel

The GB Sport’s modern influence doesn’t end with its exterior design. The interior of the shell features a power adapter with two USB charging ports. This standard feature is perfect for getting off grid while keeping all your electronic devices including phones, tablets, speakers, and more 100% charged!

4. Keep Your Cargo Safe and Secure with the GB Sport Truck Cap 

Snugtop’s GB Sport offers some of the best features to enhance your truck’s safety and structural integrity:

  • The stylish yet subtle rear spoiler includes a built-in LED brake light for optimal safety no matter the weather or time of day
  • The special channeled rain gutter keeps water from sticking around after a storm
  • The 1/2 Inch honeycomb roof reinforcement and a fiberglass cloth overlay on high-stress areas provide a long-lasting build
  • An interior light will brighten every dark corner of the truck bed so you never lose anything at night
  • Locking options that meet your lifestyle, including remote controls, SnugTop’s Pro Lock, and interior locking to stay safe while camping

SnugTop stands by their camper shell durability and integral safety features of all their products, but if something does go wrong, they always have your back. There’s a reason the GB Sport truck cap comes with a lifetime warranty!

5. The GB Sport Features Unique Window Design You Won’t Find on Any Other Truck Cap

SnugTop’s GB Sport offers sleek scallop pop-out rear windows on both sides, a feature unique to this truck topper. The design allows fresh air to enter the back of the truck for a cool, refreshing breeze during those off road adventures.

The front window even offers a fold-down option for easy access to the truck cab’s back window. Easy window cleaning and maintenance no longer requires removing the truck top!

Plus, the whole shell looks great with its sleek and stylish tinted windows that offer added security and protection for any cargo or gear you keep locked up inside. 

Outfit Your Rig With a SnugTop GB Sport Truck Cap from Campway’s Today!

Campway’s has worked with some of the leading experts in truck equipment and camper shells for over 50 years. So you can believe us when we say we’re excited about the cool features the SnugTop GB Sport can provide your truck.

We offer our Bay Area customers the best in quality and service for all their truck accessory needs. If you’re looking to outfit your truck for the first time or upgrading your current truck cap model, contact us online today or visit one of our Bay Area locations to connect with our truck accessory experts!


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