Two pickup trucks showing their new truck bed liners.

The Truck Bed Liners You Need

When Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

Does your pickup truck work as hard as you do? Does your pickup truck make you popular among friends & family? If you own a truck, then you’ve likely carried a wide, wide range of cargo. After all, that’s what they’re so great at. Helping a friend move? No problem. Hauling your tools to and from work? Naturally.

The point is, our trucks allow us a kind of function and utility other vehicles just can’t provide. Nevertheless, every ding, dent, and scrape (there will be plenty of those) starts to take away from the life and integrity of your truck bed. Leading to rust, corrosion, and eventually truck bed failure.

Enter the extensive world of truck bed liners that are sure to protect and preserve your pickup bed. No matter the job, there’s a bed liner to suit your needs.

Spray-In Bed Liner

A spray on bed liner is one that is sprayed directly onto the truck bed by an applicator. Creating an airtight seal that prevents water, dirt, sand, or any other loose material from making direct contact with the truck bed. Spray on liners can also protect against rust, corrosion, abrasion, and impact.

Pickup truck bed with spray on bed liner.

The Full Metal Jacket Plus is a state-of-the-art, pure polyuria thermoplastic elastomer. One of the toughest spray applied coatings available for protecting your truck bed. Providing a resilient, tough, and abrasion resistant surface that also resists water and chemicals. If you want to protect your new truck or make an old one look great again, the Full Metal Jacket Plus bed liner is for you.

But you need not stop at truck beds, SPI Full Metal Jacket Plus has a wide range of protection applications. It is ideal for other dent and abrasion resistant purposes such as automotive undercoating, large cargo hauling vehicles like dump trucks, and coating trailer floors & walls. You can even encapsulate floatation foams, utilize the material’s sound-deadening attributes, or protect non-potable water containers. Plus many more!

Special Features:

  • Pure Polyuria Thermoplastic, not a blend or low-grade polyurethane
  • Fast-Setting dries to the touch in minutes and ready to use the same day
  • Extra Thick Application for durability where you need it
  • Form Fit Application
  • Factory Trained Techs Complete Job in about 2 hours

Drop-In Bed Liner

A drop in liner is made from a form fitted plastic or other material and is placed (dropped) into the truck bed. They are usually bolted into place and work well to protect against shock damage from building materials and tools. Excellent liners for the construction/contractor industry.

Pickup truck with plastic drop in bed liner

Protect your pickup truck with a Pendaliner drop in bed liner. These bed liners are custom molded to fit the shape of your truck bed perfectly and include a tailgate liner as well. With a durable bed liner from Pendaliner, you can protect your truck bed from all of the dents and scrapes caused by rough materials such as rocks and bricks. Providing a smooth patented material blend that won’t damage your cargo while still offering twice the skid resistance as other drop-in bed liners.

Special Features:

  • UV Protected Finish – Real protection with long lasting appearance
  • Ribbed design guards against dents & scrapes and allows excellent drainage
  • Resistant to gasoline, oils, and other chemicals
  • Molded-in board holders for stacking and tailgate cup holders
  • Custom fit design featuring no-drill installation and tie down hole caps

Bed Mats & Rugs

Great options that are picking up in popularity. These mats and rugs can be fit to any size and can protect just the floor or stretched up the side walls and tailgate. They will not scratch the surface of your truck and no drilling is involved. A great feature is that they can be molded for a custom snug fit that blocks out debris and water from getting underneath. Messes can be washed away with a hose and the material is easier on the body, saving your knees the next time you have to crawl up into the truck bed. While made for exterior use, mats and rugs are popular for those equipped with a camper shell or tonneau cover.

Pick up truck bed with rug bed liner

One of the most unique and innovative bed liners there is. You get the look and comfort of carpet in an ultra-tough 100% polypropylene product. Not only will this bed liner protect your truck bed from impact dents and damage, it can stand up to just about anything you throw at it. From gravel to battery acid, this liner will still protect your cargo and your knees!

Molded for your specific make and model, this liner looks great and fits even better. Allowing for easy access to factory tie-downs and accessories, it also features a built-in hinge between the truck bed and tailgate to prevent debris from collecting. This liner will not absorb water and is resistant to mold & mildew. Water runs right off the surface, through the zippered perimeter and out of the factory drain holes, drying in as little as 20 minutes.

Special Features:

  • Bleach, Oil, & Even Battery Acid Washes Off
  • Knee Friendly 3/4” Cushioned Floor
  • Anti-Skid Surface Keeps Cargo in Place
  • Engineered for Exterior Use
  • UV Resistant Material
  • Easily Cleaned with Water
Pickup truck bed with mat bed liner

A bed liner that won’t damage your truck, isn’t permanent and will help maintain your resale value. The BedTred provides a rugged work surface that is tough enough to prevent dents and dings while keeping your most fragile cargo from sliding around your truck bed.

The BedTred system is a 5-piece zipped liner that installs with hook and loop fasteners without damaging your truck bed. Constructed from a 1/4” foam rubber similar to the material found in life jackets. This bed liner will not absorb water and is resistant to mold & mildew. Water runs right off the surface, through the zippered perimeter and out of the factory drain holes, drying in as little as 20 minutes.

Special Features:

  • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) Composite Surface
  • No Damage Installation
  • Quick & Easy Hook and Loop System
  • Custom Contoured Fitment for a Snug Finish
  • Heavy Duty 1/4” Anti-Skid Surface & Dent Protection
  • Cushioned Knee-Friendly Surface
Red pickup truck bed with black rubber bed mat.

Made from heavy-duty rubber and custom-formed for your truck these beds mats fit great, look great, and protect your truck. This high-quality pickup bed mat resists chemical spills and will not crack or break in extreme temperatures. Plus they feature a ribbed and textured surface that provides great traction, preventing your cargo from shifting and sliding around in your truck bed.

A dependable and easy to install mat, designed with durability and longevity in mind. Whether you’re hitting the highway or turning off-road, TrailFX has your truck bed covered.

  • Custom molded for most truck applications
  • Universal applications & tailgate protectors are also available
  • Textured pebble surface helps reduce shifting, while raised ribs ease loading/unloading
  • Underside drainage keeps truck bed dry
  • Made of high-strength Nyracord
  • Will not crack or break

Prolonging the Life of your Truck Bed at Campway’s

At Campway’s we carry more truck bed liners than we could easily list here. All bed liners are not equal and our expert staff can get you set up with the right liner for the right job. Professionally recommended and custom fit, we know our stuff.

Don’t let your truck bed bear the brunt any longer. Call, contact us online or stop into one of our locations today.

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