Toolbox Styles

Truck Bed Tool Box and Storage Solutions

Whether its work or play, a quality tool box will help you stay organized so you can find what you need when you need it as well as keep your tools or gear safe, secure, and most importantly; yours.

While there are several varieties to choose from, you could generally break them down into 3 categories: behind the cab, on the side, or on the bed floor.

Which Tool Box Style Will Work For You?

Behind the Cab-Saddle Box

One of the most popular storage options, the crossover style spans the width of the truck bed and rests on the bed’s side rails. They are easily installed and do not touch the floor, leaving room underneath that won’t sacrifice the length of the truck bed floor. They come in a variety of sizes with applications for both full-size and compact trucks.

Our Favorites:

On the Side Rails-Side Mount Toolbox

The side rail option allows for easy access to your tools from the outside as well as saving valuable truck bed space for other items. Another plus to a side rail tool box is the ability to work in tandem with other select models of behind the cab and on the bed floor storage options allowing for a robust truck storage setup.

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In the Bed-Pork Chop Box

On the bed floor style tool boxes are some of the more diverse and they vary in size and utility. For example, an on the floor chest style box can be a helpful alternative to the standard crossover, leaving the side rails open for other uses. Another variety would be the Pork Chop Box that fits into an otherwise unutilized truck bed space above and behind the wheel well. A third option for on the bed floor is a drawer unit. A drawer unit allows for safe and secure storage that can span the width and length of the truck bed while leaving the deck open for anything else.

Our Favorites:

We Know Tool boxes-

Campway’s knows tool boxes and can help you get set up with the right storage option to fit your specific need. If you’re interested in a new tool box for your truck or SUV, call or stop into one of our locations today!


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