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Truck Steps 101

Campway’s offers a huge selection of steps for trucks.  In this article we will help you pick right one.

Truck steps are a popular product for truck owners because they provide a stylish add-on along with functionality.  However, what true benefits can truck steps serve?  The three main things that truck steps can do are:

  • Assist in getting in and out of your vehicle.
  • Make your truck look better.
  • Provide protection if they are a heavy duty style.

Truck steps come in a variety of different styles with the four main styles being Hoop, Electric, Oval/Tubular, and Runningboards.

Hoop Style Steps

N-fab hoop style steps

Hoop style steps have became extremely popular over the last decade.  These steps are great because they can totally transform the look of your truck by giving it an aggressive yet clean look.  The hoop steps are positioned at the optimal location to make it as convenient as possible when you are getting in and out of your vehicle.  The fully welded hoops provide a secure and stable location to step on because of their design that gives you a slight pocket to step in to.  Most manufacturers of these steps also offer a bed access style which adds another hoop right in front of the rear wheel well allowing users to easy access their bed whether they are just grabbing gear out of the back or hooking up something like a gooseneck trailer.

Campway’s offers the main manufacturers of hoop style steps including N-fab and Trail FX.  N-fab has been known as the industry leader by making durable steps that that install cleanly on your vehicle giving it great style.  These are made with durable steel tubing and are coated in an attractive black powder coat adding nice accents to the side of your vehicle.


Electric Power Steps

Electric Power steps are an extremely hot item right now.  These steps instantly drop down right when you open your door giving you a full running board type step to step on and once you close yourAmp research step door the step retracts back up to its original location.  Since the steps retract up out of sight when you close your door it gives you a clean look with improved ground clearance and aerodynamics.  Being made out of aluminum the steps are then 10-20% lighter than traditional running boards and can they can reduce the overall weight of your vehicle and in the end fuel efficiency.  These steps also come with low profile LED lights that turn on when you open the door along with weatherproof electric motors to ensure that the steps never fail on you.  Installation of these steps is generally a bolt on design and plug in wiring with later models trucks (older models require other methods).

Although these steps do tend to have a higher price tag than other steps, with all of their unmatchable features it is worth the investment in the long run.  The industry leader in making these steps is Amp Research and they have truly dominated this market by providing the highest quality electric steps.

Tubular Style Steps

Westin Tube StepsTubular steps have been around the industry for decades and have proven themselves to be a solid contender whenever deciding on steps.  Tubular steps come in two primary styles including classic round and oval.  The classic round style step generally comes with the ends of the step bent in towards the vehicle allowing it to flow back into the vehicle.  The steps also come with a flat plastic step pad that is recessed into the tube a little for traction when getting in and your vehicle.  Additionally, they come in either polished stainless steel, chrome, or painted black based off of whatever ties best into your vehicle.

On another note, the oval style step is very similar to the classic circular tube except for the fact that the tubing that is used is an oval shape.  With this oval tube design the steps range anywhere from 4″ wide to 6″ wide providing a nice and wide stepping surface when getting in and out of your vehicle.  These steps also have plastic stepping pads to provide a stable surface to step on.  One feature of these oval steps is that is different than the traditional tube style is that they come in a straight design where the ends to not curve back in towards the truck.  This feature actually plays really well and helps the steps play seamlessly into the side of the trucks.  One exception is the Protraxx 5 step by Westin that still has the ends curving slightly back towards the vehicle.  The classic round tubular style are generally cheaper than hoop style and electric steps while the oval shaped can vary a little more.  Nevertheless, both steps provide users with the style and functionality they need.

The two main tubular step manufacturers are Westin and Trail FX and they have many different models in order to match your desired style.

Running BoardsWestin running Boards

Like tubular style steps, running boards have been around the industry for decades and have surely proven themselves as a step that adds great style while providing functionality.  Running boards, like their name says, are a wider step that has a profile that looks more like a board.  But don’t get the wrong impression, these steps are very slick and tie nicely into the side of your vehicle.  Running boards attach to the vehicle to where the top lip is touching the vehicle, making the boards flow seamlessly and seem like they are one piece with the vehicle.  The nice thing about running boards is that they offer a wide and grippy surface to step on making them even more convenient to use when getting in and out of your truck.  These steps are generally made from aluminum, therefore adding little weight to your vehicle.

The main manufacturers of these steps are Westin, Trail FX, and Onki.  Running boards don’t have just one style, they range from the classic styles offered by Onki to the new Thrasher style offered by Westin that gives a rugged and off-road look.  Some, like Onki, also can come with lighting at the ends of the boards to help see at night.  Overall, there are enough style of running boards out there that everyone can find a board that fits their style while also giving them the functionality needed.

Bed Steps

amp bed stepBed steps are a new item that have recently gained popularity in the truck accessory market.  This step is a knee and back saver, helping you get in and out of the back of your truck with ease.  This steps is placed right under the rear bumper and with the nudge of a foot it pops down to be stepped on.  When you want it to retract back up under the bumper just give it a nudge and it pops back up.  The main manufacturer of these steps is Amp Research and they take quality into consideration like they do with their electric steps.  The step is designed with precision hinge points to where it can be maintenance free for decades!


Campway’s Helps You Pick The Right Steps!

Campway’s is your expert on truck steps.  We can help you find the step you love when it comes to price and style.  Come to one of our stores ranging from the Bay Area to Sacramento and meet our professional staff ready to help you.  We have displays in the stores so you will be able to get a first hand look and many of the steps.




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