Leer 100RCC Camper Shell on Chevy Silverado Truck

The Versatility of a Camper Shell

Camper Shells (otherwise known as truck caps) have been around for decades now, ever since our founding in 1970.  There has never been a time period where camper shells have not been one of our primary items that we sell here at Campway’s Truck Accessory World and Truck Tops USA.  In our opinion, the reason why this truck accessory has been so popular comes down to one thing, versatility.  When it comes to camper shells, the reason why they are so versatile is because there are so many ways that you can customize your camper shell in order to meet your individual needs.  The three main areas that we are going to focus on in this blog include:

  • Work
  • Play
  • Styling


Camper Shells can end up being one of your best tools on the job if you set it up correctly.  First of all, there are many commercial camper shells our there that are designed for work like the Leer DCC of the SnugPro by Snugtop.  Many of the commercial units are all aluminum and are built with extra rigidity in order to withstand the work that you put it through.  Additionally, with camper shells like these you can customize them with things like shelving on the sides and many options like barn door style doors in the rear.  Now don’t worry, I know many many of you want a strong commercial shell but may not want the look of the aluminum.  There is a solution to that with models out there like the Leer 100RCC or SnugPro that look like normal fiberglass camper shells but also have many of the commercial add-ons available for your work truck.  Additionally, roof racks can be added on to any camper shell, just in case if you need to haul a ladder or something of that kind for work.  The last thing that makes camper shells so nice for work is that they are fully secure.  This keeps all of your tools safe and secure from the weather or anything else that may harm them.  Overall, a camper shell can become one of your best tools on the job if customized correctly.

Camper Shell Play [icPlay

When it comes to playing and having fun, which is something that everyone needs to do, camper shells can be right along side you to enjoy your time off.  Let’s start off on the roof of the camper shell.  Like I mentioned earlier you can add roof racks to almost any camper shell and with those comes a variety of add-ons.  If you like biking, add some bike racks. If you like skiing, add some ski racks. If you are traveling, add a roof box.  If you like off-roading, add a basket with some lights.  There are so many possibilities with the roof of a camper shell.  When you move into the interior there are many more options.  With things like carpeting in the interior along with a BedRug, you can make the back of you pickup into a nice camping area.  If needed, a 12V outlet can be added inside in order to keep your devices charged.  Additionally, if you just add some pet screens and you can have a nice mobile carrier for your pets.  There are also many other things for the interior roof of your camper shell which include:

  • The Leer Locker for easy overhead storage.
  • An overhead gear net for wide variety of things.
  • Overhead storage box.
  • Coat Hanger.
  • Fishing Rod Holder.

With the correct accessories added on, your camper shell can be set up to do whatever fun activity that you want.


Leer 100XR Camper Shell on Red Truck

Styling is something that camper shells have always provided.  However, over the years manufacturers have been able improve the designs of the shells drastically in order to have them mold perfectly to the truck.  Now camper shells are there to match all of the curves and details of the truck in order to give it a clean and slick look.  On top of that, there are many different models out there that can completely transform your truck.  The majority of camper shells also come with tinted windows and a professionally done paint job to carry on the great look.  Lastly, there are upgrades like keyless entry that can set one shell completely apart from another.  It has been known for years that camper shells can completely change the style of your truck.

Overall, the main reason why camper shells have been such a popular accessory since our founding in 1970 is because of their versatility.  As you can see, there are many options to add to camper shells in order to set your truck up for work, play, styling, or all three!  Remember, we sell Leer and Snugtop at all six of our stores where our staff is ready to help you create the perfect set-up for your truck.

  • Leer Locker Camper Shell Accessory
  • Pet Screens on Camper Shell
  • Bike racks on Camper Shell
  • Roof Racks on Camper Shell
  • Overhead Net on Camper Shell
  • Overhead Storage on Leer Camper Shell
  • Camper Shell Clothes Hanger
  • Camper Shell Fishing Pole Holder
  • Camper Shell with overhead storage
  • Camper Shell with bike racks
  • SnugPro Camper Shell
  • BedRug with Camper Shell


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