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Weigh Safe: The Only Trailer Hitch with Built-in Weight Gauge 

A lot can go wrong when you’re towing. One of the main reasons for swerving or losing control is that the weight distribution is off. This is why tongue weight is always something you want to know before you go! If you’re a veteran of towing, you know that the weight on the tongue, (the forwardmost portion of the trailer that connects to the hitch), should be no more than 10%-15% of your fully loaded trailer weight. With Weigh Safe hitches, you’ll know your tongue weight as soon as you hook up! Best of all, you don’t need to drag out the bathroom scale and know calculus! Read on to learn more about the only trailer hitch with a built-in weight gauge: Weigh Safe Trailer Hitches!

Tongue Weight and Towing Safety  

If you’re thinking that measuring tongue weight (TW) is overkill or, “what’s the worst that can happen?”; you’re in the right place. When it comes to towing safety, it’s all about having an even distribution of weight. If the tongue weight is too light, your trailer could sway and be hard to control. When the tongue weight is excessive, then the towing vehicle will be hard to handle. You could experience problems with steering, getting traction, and even braking with too much pressure on the hitch. Either way, it can be an accident in the making.    

World’s First, and Only Trailer Hitch with a Built-in Weight Gauge 

Side view of Weigh Safe hitch mounted on back of truck with an enlargement of the built-in gauge.

Weigh Safe makes the ONLY hitch on the planet with a built-in scale that accurately measures tongue weight. The built-in gauge measures and displays your tongue weight so that you can ensure it is always in a safe range for optimal towing: 10-15% of your gross trailer weight. ⁠No need to invest in a separate weight gauge or improvise with a bathroom scale. Who has time to mess with all that? You want to get on the road! The Weight Safe hitch will let you know your tongue weight instantly! 

Built Tough in the U.S.   

Weigh Safe hitches are built with the best materials and with strength and durability in mind. These trailer hitches are made in Lindon, Utah from aluminum and steel sourced from trusted Midwest companies. Every Weigh Safe product is hand polished and assembled on site. 

When you choose Weigh Safe, you can count on the materials and construction that will stand the test of time, such as:   

  • 6061 T6 billet aluminum shank and mounting platform  
  • Solid block construction for strength 
  • Lightweight, durable design 
  • Rustproof for lasting finish 

Find the Best Weigh Safe Trailer Hitch for You

Weigh Safe has a variety of shank sizes, drop lengths, and adjustable hitches to choose from, so we have no doubt that there’s one to fit your set up perfectly. For help with choosing the right hitch, you may want to read the Weigh Safe buyer’s guide, or bring your rig into Campway’s Truck Accessory World nearest you for help with measuring. Here’s a few of our most popular Weigh Safe hitches:  

Weigh Safe Drop Hitch 

The Weigh Safe Drop Hitch comes in a four-, six-, eight-, and ten-inch size. With a 2” shaft, it can handle 1,500 pounds, and 2,200 lbs with a 2.5” and 3″ shaft. The drop hitch adjusts in 1” increments. Maximum gross towing weight (GTW) is 7,800 for a 1 7/8” ball up to 21,000 with a 3” ball. Hook up, check the weight, and tow with peace of mind! 

Weigh Safe Fixed Height Ball Mount 

The Weigh Safe Fixed Height Ball Mount is perfect for folks who always use the same trusty trailer and just need a reliable hitch with the nifty weigh safe built-in scale feature. This sleek little hitch can handle up to 1,500-lb. TW and up to 10,000 GTW.

Shop Campway’s Truck Accessory World for All Your Towing Needs 

At Campway’s, we want your towing to be as safe as possible. Knowing the tongue weight to ensure it’s within optimal parameters is crucial. That’s why we’ve partnered with Weigh Safe. Our experts are available to help you find the best Weigh Safe towing hitch for your needs.  

If you are looking to outfit your truck, commercial van, or overland vehicle, Campway’s is here to serve you! Contact one of our Bay Area locations in Santa Rosa, San Jose, Martinez, or Sacramento today. 


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