RSI SmartCap EVO Series

Which RSI SmartCap Truck Top is Right for You?

RSi SmartCap: EVO Sport vs EVOa Adventure vs EVOc Commercial

Let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you probably already want an award-winning RSi SmartCap for your truck. But maybe you’re unsure which one to get, or what the differences are between the models. Any model could potentially be used for any purpose, but some might work better for a particular lifestyle than another. So let’s get into what’s the same, and then what’s unique between the Sport, Adventure, and Commercial RSI SmartCap Truck Top.

Features the RSi SmartCap EVO Series Share

rsi smartcap 5 piece modular truck cap system

All RSi SmartCap models share an extensive set of features that maximize versatility, safety, and usability.

  • 5 Piece Modular Design
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 770lbs. Static Weight Rating
  • 330lbs. Dynamic Weight Rating
  • 100% Weatherproof
  • Positive Pressure Air Vent with Integrated Particle Filter
  • SmartCap Adjustable Roof Rails
  • Full SmartCap Components Integration.
  • Removable in 15 minutes.
  • Integrated Third Brake Light
  • Concealed Door Hinges
  • Push Button Door Latches 
  • Three Year Warranty

SmartCap Components

SmartCap Gullwing Kitchen Stove Component

SmartCap Components let you customize your SmartCap to suit your needs. All Components are compatible with all models, except the Security Screen, which is only available for the EVOc Commercial truck cap. Your full set of options includes:

  • Camp Kitchen featuring fold-out stove, cutting board, and secure storage for cookware, tableware, and ingredients.
  • Gullwing Sliding Tool-Bin for storing tools or other accessories.
  • Gullwing Full or Half Bins with MOLLE panels to store and secure gear.
  • Four different roof rack options depending on your needs: Drop Rack, Roller Rack, Platform Rack, or Load Bars.
  • LED Torch Light that’s magnetic and rechargeable for sticking almost anywhere on your SmartCap.
  • StowAway Table that mounts below your roof for a minimal footprint.

Now that we know all the features and potential components you could install, let’s dive into what makes each SmartCap unique.

SmartCap EVO Sport: Gullwing Side Doors with Tinted Sliding Window 

The RSi SmartCap EVO Sport

The EVO Sport Gullwing side doors feature unique sliding vent windows that are flush bonded and tinted for better ventilation and sun protection for all your most important (or four-legged) cargo. With 17% wider openings than most fiberglass shells, you retain far more vision without compromising on security. The sliding windows lock into four different positions, allowing you to create a nice cross breeze for you or any furry passengers!

SmartCap EVOa Adventure: Interior Gullwing MOLLE Panels

The RSi SmartCap EVOa Adventure

The EVOa Adventure features double-walled stainless steel doors but replaces side windows with MOLLE panels for more organization and privacy. MOLLE, it’s pronounced “molly” and stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. The Adventure SmartCap and MOLLE panels allow you to weave in gear as either a semi-permanent fixture or quick and easy access when used with velcro or snap-on connections.

Remember, since the MOLLE panels are vertical when the gullwing doors are closed, and horizontal when open, be sure to secure your gear so it is accessible from both positions. Once you get the hang of MOLLE panels, they are one of the single best ways to secure a large variety of small and medium pieces of gear.

SmartCap EVOc Commercial: Commercial Grade Performance and Maximum Security

The RSi SmartCap EVOc Commercial

The Sport and Adventure are much more secure than a fiberglass shell, but for the greatest peace of mind when transporting thousands of dollars worth of gear or equipment, consider the EVOc Commercial SmartCap

Gullwing Solid Steel Side Door

Instead of windows, the Commercial cap has solid gullwing side doors with 17% taller doors than the average fiberglass shell, and heavy-duty gas struts for added security that doesn’t compromise accessibility. Like the other EVO models, the Commercial SmartCap has two door latches, each of which can be locked.

Back Window Security Screen

This optional steel screen on the inside of your back window eliminates the weakest link to your truck bed security. While you can see out of it while driving, it’s hard to tell at a glance the contents of your truck bed from the outside. It will also help protect your window and truck contents in the event of a workplace or vehicle accident.

Front Fixed Window

The EVOc features a fixed front window which ensures that no one can access your truck bed from the cab of your work truck. This added security feature allows you the peace of mind that your gear, equipment, and cargo are never vulnerable to theft. As an added bonus, the fixed window also further insulates your truck bed from dust and debris.

Innovative Rubber Sealing

The Commercial SmartCap uses a slightly different sealing mechanism to ensure the tightest, most secure fit. While the Sport and Adventure offer excellent sealing as well, the Commercial will keep the new camper top smell inside and odors out the longest.

Find the Best RSi SmartCap EVO Truck Top at Campway’s Today

Your choice of SmartCap might simply depend on the model of your truck. Certain trucks will only have one option, although RSi is always expanding with new choices. Connect with one of our specialists online to learn about outfitting your truck with a SmartCap EVO truck cap or visit one of our locations in the Bay Area today!

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