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Why Do We Choose A.R.E. Truck Caps?

A.R.E Truck Caps Always Have You Covered

At Campway’s, we know that you need your truck accessories to work and play as hard as you do. As an industry leader, A.R.E. is dedicated to taking the design and technology of truck caps to the next level. Their commitment to providing the highest quality care and advanced functionality has remained their priority for over 50 years.

Whether for recreation or commercial use, A.R.E. outfits your truck for life.

1. Style and Innovation

A.R.E. shells are all made in the United States and will be custom-fit for your truck specifically. With modern styling and factory-matched paint, an A.R.E cap is guaranteed to complement any vehicle. 

Their innovative clamp-on design makes shells easy to install while never compromising weatherproofing. Each shell features advanced watertight technology to ensure your cargo remains safe in all weather conditions.

2. Customization

Not only are A.R.E. truck caps stylish, but they are also very versatile. Advanced storage solutions ensure your gear and tools are always readily available, while durable units provide protection from the elements. Customize your commercial or recreational unit to suit your needs, no matter what the activity or industry. 

Get the most out of your truck, or commercial vehicle, and customize your unit with any of these additional accessories:

Optional Features:

  • Roof rack capabilities 
  • Bike or Kayak rack capabilities 
  • Side toolbox options
  • Commercial ladder racks
  • Tilt down front window
  • Fiberglass walk-in rear door 
  • Sliding side or front windows
  • Ventilated pet windows 
  • Fishing rod holders additions 
  • Interior clothing rods
  • Rear or side privacy doors 
  • Fabric headliner
  • LED track lighting

3. Quality

A.R.E. fiberglass camper shells are made with the highest quality fiberglass content for optimal strength. They also feature heavy-duty window frames and doors with extra reinforcement on cap corners, roof, and other high-stress areas. 

With their aluminum shells, you will have the stylish benefits of a fiberglass cap with the security and functionality of a tough commercial unit.

4. Certifications

All A.R.E. products are rigorously tested to meet strict regulations, standards, and specifications by the Department of Transportation. Before hitting the market, each truck cap must also be ISO certified, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards as well. All hardware is tested to provide a high degree of rust protection and comes with a 500-hour salt-spray rating.

5. The Industry’s Best Warranties

A.R.E. stands by its products in both materials and workmanship, and aims to keep you covered for whatever lays ahead.  For as long as you own your fiberglass shell, they guarantee each truck cap to be free of any structural defects.  They also ensure all exterior painting will remain free of any unusual peeling or fading caused by manufacturing defects. 

  • Additional A.R.E Truck Cap Warranties:
  • 3 Year warranty on locks
  • 3 Year warranty on brake lights
  • 3 Year warranty on all commercial aluminum covers

Shop A.R.E Truck Caps at Campway’s and Save Money

Whether for work or play, Campway’s Truck Accessory World has the perfect truck cap or camper shell for all your needs. If you want to take accessorizing your truck to the next level, check our full online inventory of A.R.E. truck caps today. 


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