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Your Guide to Different Types of B&W Trailer Hitches

How to Find the Best B&W Trailer Hitch for Your Towing Needs

If you are looking for the best trailer hitch for your vehicle, have no doubt that a B&W Trailer Hitch is your answer. B&W is known worldwide for revolutionizing the industry and producing the highest quality American-made towing systems. 

When it comes to towing, you will need to know exactly which type of trailer hitch you need before you can load up and hit the road. Each type of trailer hitch style has a unique purpose, specific capacities, and set sizes. 

Types of B&W Trailer Hitches

B&W towing systems come in three main styles: 

In this guide, we will outline different types of B&W Trailer Hitches to help you find the best towing system for your needs.

Gooseneck Trailer Hitches

Gooseneck hitches can only be installed inside the bed of a truck. They take up very little space leaving you plenty of space in your truck bed for cargo storage when you aren’t towing anything. This makes a Gooseneck Hitch the perfect option for anyone who uses their truck every day for more than just towing. 

That said, a gooseneck hitch system is designed to handle serious towing jobs and can pull up to 30,000 lbs. This makes a Gooseneck hitch a great option for towing large flatbeds, livestock trailers, or any other heavy-duty hauler.

Turnoverball® Gooseneck Hitch

BW Turnover Gooseneck trailer hitch

B&W is rightfully credited for revolutionizing the towing industry with their innovative redesign of the traditional Gooseneck hitch. After introducing their one-of-a-kind Tunoverball Gooseneck hitch, nearly every manufacturer switched to using the new B&W style ball storage and mounting system. 

To this day the B&W Tunoverball is the #1 selling gooseneck hitch in America. 

Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches

A 5th wheel hitch is specifically designed for heavy-duty towing purposes like travel trailers, car haulers, large campers, and – you guessed it – 5th wheels. This type of towing system is available in a range of weight capacities, but most 5th Wheel systems have a  towing capacity of up to 24,000 lbs.

Like the Gooseneck, a 5th Wheel hitch can only be installed in the bed of a truck, but this type of mounting system is much less compact and takes up more space in the rear of the bed. However, 5th Wheel towing systems tend to be favored by anyone who uses their truck to tow heavy-duty hauls on a regular basis. This is because 5th Wheel hitches have superior pivoting capabilities to better absorb bumps on the road, providing a smoother, more controlled towing experience.  

Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch

BW fifth wheel trailer hitch

If you are looking for a towing system that provides a smooth ride, easy hitching, and reliable strength, the Fifth Wheel Companion series from B&W is your answer. With a fully articulating head, the Companion hitch allows front to back and side to side pivoting for the smoothest ride on the road. The Companion 5th Wheel hitch also includes a cam-action latch handle for easy installation and removal without sacrificing towing power, sturdiness, or reliability. 

Bumper Trailer Hitches

A bumper hitch can be installed on many different types of vehicles including pick-up trucks, SUVs, and even cars. With a towing capacity ranging between 2,000 –  21,000 lbs, a bumper hitch system is perfect for anyone with lighter hauls. Bumper hitches have a square receiver tube that allows you to tow just about anything like a boat, a small trailer, or a rear-mounted bike rack.

Tow and Stow Adjustable Ball Mount Hitch

BW tow stow trailer hitch

The B&W Tow and Stow adjustable ball mount hitch offers a large variety of towing options, making it one of the best-selling towing systems on the market. The versatility of this hitch makes it perfect for just about anything from towing your boat, lawnmower, or tractor without ever having to change your ball mount. As you might have guessed, this innovative design allows for easy stowing when you aren’t towing anything, and an easily adjustable height for level towing every time.

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