Aftermarket Hammerhead bumper on truck

Aftermarket Off-Road Bumpers

If you use your truck or SUV for off-roading, chances are you’ve considered adding an aftermarket bumper to your vehicle. The experts at Campway’s Truck & Accessory World are here to help you learn the benefits of adding an aftermarket bumper, the differences in materials, and what other accessories you can add on.

Benefits of Aftermarket Off-Road Bumpers

Improved Styling for the Truck

Hammerhead Bumper on white truck

It’s safe to say that installing an aftermarket bumper on your truck or SUV just plain looks awesome. As most serious truck owners know, there is a serious satisfaction to always arriving in style.

Improved Protection for the Truck

One of the biggest downfalls of a stock bumper is durability. Depending on your vehicle, your bumper is likely outfitted with either plastic or aluminum. For hardcore wheelers and rock climbers, this leaves your truck vulnerable to rocks, brush, and wildlife. Outfitting your truck with a new steel or aluminum aftermarket bumper can help ensure your truck withstands a collision.

Expanded Winch & Lighting Options

Most factory-installed bumpers are not suited to equip with certain accessories like lights and winches. An aftermarket bumper allows you to outfit your truck with a winch and with a wide variety of lighting options that aren’t usually available for a stock set up. Some of our favorites are Rigid lights.

Improved Approach Angles for the Truck

Adding an aftermarket bumper can improve your approach angle by a few degrees or more. This helps the truck off-road and allows your truck to tackle the steeper terrain. If you’re looking to climb a high grade or intense hill, the improved approach angle can help you tackle these new heights without scraping your bumper.


Our Favorite Aftermarket Bumpers:

We Know Aftermarket Bumpers

Campway’s knows and loves aftermarket bumper modifications. Installing one of these bumpers is one of the most common truck modifications these days, but is not easily done at home. Trust us to help you select and install your next bumper by calling or stopping into one of our locations.

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